ARKADO Debut With ‘Never Say Never’ On March 31st, 2020

ARKADO were founded in 1983 in Ödåkra (near Helsingborg), Sweden. Originally, the band was named to BB2 (Better Be Together). Way back then, BB2 recorded a vinyl single which became the hymn of the football club Ödåkra IF which still is played there today at every match.

In May 2018, BB2 executed a live concert in Helsingborg which was totally sold out. The “dream” of again being reckoned as a band, if so only locally, flamed up. In August 2018, the Swedish based group teamed up with some new additional members. The “new” band was named to ARKADO when reverting the name ‘Ödåkra” and now offers their first full-length AOR album which is entitled ‘Never Say Never‘.

Never Say Never‘ was recorded & produced by Mikael Svensson and recorded at LdM Studios, Chasing Sparks studio, Lindstrand Music and Skafars studio; mixed by Mikael Svensson at LdM Studios and mastered at Panic Room.

The album will be relased on March 27th 2020 via AOR Heaven.

Track listing:

1. So Bad

2. To Leave it all Behind

3. Never say Never

4. Don’t rape the Nature

5.  Walk your way

6. If We Are to Last

7. My Hometown

8. She’s So fine

9. Eagle

10. Carry my Heart

11. Never say Never Again


Philip Lindstrom (vocals, lead guitars)

Mats Nilsson & Martin Kirschner (guitars)

Mikael Skafar (drums & backing vocals)

Bernt Lundgren (bass)

Mikael Svensson (keyboards & backing vocals)

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