Review: DeWolff – Tascam Tapes

Review: DeWolff – Tascam Tapes

Mascot Records (Jan 10th 2020)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Okay I here you cry it’s anew album from DeWolff. However, this is no ordinary new release having been recorded entirely on the road, armed with only an 8-track (hence the title) and a handful of instruments. So there’s no drum kit, no Hammond organ and absolutly no guitar amps whatsoever!

The result? What you get is a glorious slice of 70’s influenced rock, sounding quite rough round the edges, but with a wonderful analogue warmth. No real suprise considering the band prefer to record in analogue.

Are you short changed on tracks? Nope, ‘Tascam Tapes‘ consists of twelve songs of varying styles. From the laid back, chill music of ‘Rain‘ to the almost sixties sounding ‘Made it to 27‘, the funky ‘Let If Fly‘, and the blues of ‘Northpole Blues‘.

Favorite tracks for me so far are ‘Blood Meridian I’ & ‘Blood Meridian II‘.

This overal is an album that bucks the trends, will appeal to DeWolff’s fanbase, who are already familiar with their style, and also will appeal to those of you who fancy for once hearing something a little different, an album that as it were will clean the pallette.

Well worth checking out.