Tony Mills – Children’s Cancer Cause

After the sad news last week of the untimely death of Shy / TNT vocalist Tony Mills a fundraiser via Cancer Research UK has been set up.

Tony Mills 1962-2019

Legendary singer Tony Mills (Shy, TNT ++) passed away at age 57 on September 18th, 2019 from terminal pancreatic cancer. While he himself gracefully accepted his destiny, claiming he had fulfilled most of his dreams and had enjoyed a good life, he also made it clear that if his name should be used for a charitable cause, it should be to support the fight against childhood cancer – “because no child should have to suffer what I was having to endure”.

If you have enjoyed Tony’s contribution to music, or if you have shared a laugh, a hug or a kind exchange of words with him, please consider donating any amount of money in support of his chosen cause.

Visit Here to donate to this worthy cause,