Grand Slam Release ‘Gone Are The Days’, First New Single In 35 Years

After 35 years, Grand Slam are back, with a brand new single to boot!

Gone Are The Days‘ is taken from the band’s forthcoming new album ‘Hit The Ground‘, which will be released on November 22nd via Marshall Records.

Grand Slam have been resurrected by the band’s original guitarist Laurence Archer, who of course went on to join legendary UFO after the band’s demise following the untimely death of bassist Phil Lynott.

Joining Laurence are singer Mike Dyer, former Praying Mantis drummer Benjy Reid, and former Quireboys bassist Dave Boyce.

Laurence says: “I’ve been thinking about this moment for many years and I’m so proud of what we, the new Grand Slam, have achieved. Gone Are The Days is the most obvious choice for the first release – it’s a song I originally wrote in the late 80s but with the band we have captured all the new and the heritage elements of Grand Slam and my writing. Grand Slam are back and here to stay.

“Obviously at times like this Phil is never far from my thoughts, a friend and a mentor and a hero always.

Grand Slam is very much a new beast with a love and respect from where the beast was born,” says singer Mike Dyer. “I think it’s fair to say that the five old and five new compositions are honest and true. When we heard some very rough recordings you could hear the potential. I kept feeling that I was on sacred ground and couldn’t touch anything. Even had a few nightmares!

“Then I thought what a shame if I these marques of songs weren’t ever finished and never saw the light of day. We then went on to discover our very own sound and wrote a plethora of new material that had the essence of the legacy yet sounded fresh and exciting and most importantly really kicks ass.

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