Review: Matt Pearce and the Mutiny – Gotta Get Home

Review: Matt Pearce and the Mutiny – Gotta Get Home

May 3rd 2019

Reviewer: Peter Scallan

Matt Pearce is the Glasgow-born guitarist from Voodoo Six. In addition to V6, he also plays in the Metalworks collective regularly and also in AOR Legends with vocal maestro Jimi Anderson. Therefore, as you can image in he is already a pretty busy boy and yet he still managed to squeeze in his first solo outing as Matt Pearce and the Mutiny. I was already hooked in when I saw the band playing last year at Winterstorm Festival in Troon on the west coast of Scotland. The band sound has been loosely labelled as blues but transcends this label somewhat as they throw a good measure of funkiness and variety into the mix.

And just to prove that point ‘Scarecrow‘, the opening track, kicks in with a funky keyboard and guitar riff that could easily be on a classic 70s Stevie Wonder album. The song bounces along nicely with an extended instrumental opening allowing Matt to introduce his chops. ‘Ordinary Blues‘ is next and opens with a great guitar riff before building into a song that could easily sit on any Black Crowes album with Jimmy Page on guitar. Ordinary it ain’t!

We then slip into a little more straight-ahead blues with ‘Like a Hammer‘. It is based on another great riff with some great organ chops in there and a great chorus with on-point female backing vocals. ‘Some People‘ takes the tone down a notch or too with a more sparse arrangement allowing the keyboards to carry the song with nice some guitar licks across them. The song builds nicely in layers with each verse and is a highlight and is very radio friendly to my ears.

‘Dig Deeper‘ takes us back to funkalicious side of the album and is driven along nicely by a funky bass/drum/guitar rhythm. And of course there is another great chorus which reminds a little of Steely Dan. We then drop into a more contemporary blues number in ‘Set Me Free‘ with some great keyboard touches and Matt takes the vocals up a little in terms of adding a little edge to them. It also features some tasteful guitar playing too.

Title track ‘Gotta Go Home‘ opens with some great bottleneck playing and the song from start to finish is just pure Black Crowes with a huge hook for a chorus and some additional great female vocals on it. The pace drops again for the opening of ‘Worried‘ which has a delta blues feel to it with the electric picking and reminds me of very early Chris Whitley in places. It is a real stripped backed number with guitar and vocals with a sparse backing arrangement. Although good, it’s possibly the weakest song and could maybe have been a little shorter. And all of a sudden we are on the last track of the album with another funked up rocker called ‘Who Do You Think You Are‘. Again it bounces and bops along with another killer chorus with a great middle eight before slipping into great piano breakdown and then launching into a tasty hook-laden guitar solo.

In a market that is starting to become saturated with blues-based rock, like most genres you will get the albums that just don’t float your boat. This is especially true if they stick to a formulaic approach and don’t really have the songs. Good knows there are enough blues guitarists out there who think they can sing but just really end up sounding like guitarists trying to sing! However, Matt is definitely not one of these as he has a great voice, although I would like to have heard more of the edgy side of the vocals demonstrated on ‘Set Me Free‘. However, what we have here a some finely crafted songs, great production and mix that all adds up to a killer debut album. I doff my blues cap to you sir – now when do I get to sing one of these babies with ya?