AITTALA To Release False Pretenses… On September 6, 2019

False Pretenses‘, the highly-anticipated fifth album from metal stalwarts, AITTALA is set for a September 6, 2019, release via Curtain Call Records. Led by vocalist and guitarist, Eric Aittala, the band is based in Raleigh, N.C., and is also comprised of Ali Lugo on bass and Gary ‘Zeus’ Smith on drums. ‘False Pretenses‘ first single ‘Black Coffin‘ is a continuation of the trio’s unique stamp of infused classic rock licks, thrash, progressive layers and hard rock grooves.

Formed in Holland in 1993, AITTALA has evolved into one of the most unique metal bands. Combining influences from both the European and American music scenes, AITTALA has maintained its core sound and prospected into new territories in ‘False Pretenses‘ 10 tracks.

I really believe this is the best AITTALA album yet,” Eric Aittala said. “Of course all bands make that claim when their new album is released, but this time I really mean it. If nothing else, it will be the best sounding AITTALA album to date. We used an entirely different approach for the recording, mixing and mastering. I’m really excited for people to hear it.

Rounding out the album’s track listing are ‘Different Day‘, ‘Disowned‘, ‘Infamy‘, ‘How Much Longer‘, ‘Nemesis‘, ‘Afterthought‘, ‘They Live‘, ‘Funeral Procession‘ and ‘Debt‘. Eric Aittala said, “The album’s title comes from the idea that the songs have an underlying theme of misrepresentation.

Gary Smith believes the album is prime to erupt in a wider listener base.

We’ve really stepped it up on this album and I truly believe it is an album for a much larger audience than the previous four,” Gary Smith said. “There’s something for everyone on it that’s a fan of good metal.

The accompanying video to ‘Black Coffin‘ possesses visuals inspired by 70s grindhouse exploitation film and psychedelic culture. It was produced by Awake Productions with Justin Casey handling director and editing duties along with Randy Woolard on camera and lighting.

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