Review: Into The Unknown – Breaking The Silence

Review: Into The Unknown – Breaking The Silence 

Vigilante Records (September 6th 2019)

Reviewer: Paul Saripo

Into The Unknown are capable musicians hailing from Buckinghamshire comprising original members Lucie Hölzlová delivering Vocals, Ryan Atkins on guitar, Rupert Withers driving the bass and production and two new additions to the band Mike Ballard on drums and James Milner on rhythm guitars, who have created this second album ‘Breaking The Silence‘.

Riffs start heavy and deep, with ‘Pandora’s Box‘. A catchy tune and felt well developed with guitar solos arranged with synergy.

Moving on, I became slightly disappointed as the album progressed, I felt some of the verses had been stretched out with over use of a refrain, I know for some this will be great and anthem like but for me having listened to the album front to back several times I felt it could have moved on a little at times. That said, they did hook me in for a short while.

There is a good mix of musical arrangement on the album and in some cases variety within individual songs too that are adventurous and work.

From a classic symphonic rock to an almost electronic orchestral sound as found on the intro to ‘What is Love‘ an interesting and rocked up cover of Howard Jones early 80’s pop hit. The vocal approach is more linear than the original yet pulls it off to success with a powerful intensity.

I liked the guitars and the vocal of ‘Back In Time‘, a slower tempo track that worked together.

The album is a mixture of styles and to me, if I closed my eyes I could almost imaging this to be a musical score written for a theatrical musical with all its twists and turns in different directions. This was a distraction to me, and probably why I felt a little disappointed as I so wanted to like this album more.

One such distraction, particularly on the crescendo on ‘Heroes and Victims‘, the build-up is brought up to a point that has an audible fast fadeout and change into the wonderful acoustic outro. This track has some beautiful pieces however I felt some of the instrument tracks competed with one another at times.  Having said that, fans of musicals and musical interludes and changes will probably love this album for its originality.

The vocals sounded to have some nasality and I thought that the highs and lows had been straining slightly in some sections.

However, Lucie Hölzlová has some huge potential and really sings convincing lyrics with passion.

Overall, I feel more fluid transitions can be made and construction in this area will develop as the band play and create music together on stage and in sessions.

These are talented musicians with plenty of originality, I hope this band will evolve together for the better as they write, play and deliver music to a live audience.