THE TRIGGER Issue Official Video For ‘What Have We Become’

THE TRIGGER‘s new digital single ‘What Have We Become’ is out now, and comes with an Official video.

Both songs are taken from the band’s upcoming album ‘The Time Of Miracles‘, which will be released on July 26th via Massacre Records. You can already pre-order it HERE

Heavy guitars, sophisticated vocal lines, catchy riffs and memorable melodies – THE TRIGGER‘s album ‘The Time Of Miracles‘ has it all! Their mix of hard rock and metal is spiced up by adding other genres into the mix. Guest vocalists on the album include Darko Živković (Downstroy), Marko Matijević Sekul (Manntra) and Vladimir Lalić (Organized Chaos).

Track listing:

  1. Pray
    2. Don’t Feed The Cannibals (Ft. Darko Downstroy)
    3. Ashes And Bones
    4. Kingdom Will Never Come
    5. What Have We Become
    6. Out Of Clay
    7. Boom (Ft. Marko Manntra)
    8. Used Up And Dead
    9. Good Dog
    10. Happy New Year
    11. Reality (Ft. Vladimir Lalić & Emir Hot)
    12. Abyss

Official Website







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