The Room Release Music Video For ‘Broken’

British melodic rock band The Room have released a video for the track ‘Broken‘.

The track is taken from the band’s upcoming new album, ‘Caught By The Machine‘, which is scheduled for release in February 2019.

The new album will be their first at their new label home White Star Records. S

White Star Records‘ Chris Hillman said, “I’d been aware of The Room for some time and became very impressed with their musicianship, however the thing that really won me over was this huge step up in their melodic, anthemic quality. It feels like The Room are growing and developing with every album, and I find many of their melodies going around in my head after listening – real “ear worms” that I think will resonate with a large audience. Get ready for some quality prog with sticky, memorable moments!”

The Room‘s vocalist Martin Wilson said, “I had to think long and hard about how ‘Broken‘ was to be approached. I’d always wanted to play with the idea that most problems people have are brought on by themselves; Wrong life decisions, bad investments, excessive drink and drugs abuse, mistreatment of others and so on. Often, I have found that people in these positions are the first to complain, but the last to admit fault. With ‘Broken‘, the instrumental backdrop is uplifting, with this jaunty feel to it, but I wanted to find something different – a juxtaposition, if you like – to the lyrics, adding a little more intrigue to the song. So we’ve got this upbeat instrumental backing, while the lyrics offer a slightly darker picture. Spiraling out of control because of one’s own actions, how life can crash over negativity you’ve brought on yourself and so on…and yet you still complain and pass blame.”

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