Andy James Unveils His Brand New Video For ‘Asylum’

Acclaimed guitarist Andy James is back with a new album and a new single! The album, entitled ‘Arrival’, is out October 19th via Urban Yeti records but as a precursor, Andy has released a video for the single ‘Asylum

Asylum’ is the first taste of Andy James’ brand-new album ‘Arrival’. Written, produced, mixed and mastered by Andy himself, the track is a wonderfully melodic slice of guitar-led rock, propelled by Andy’s intense riff and beautifully constructed solo passages. As distinctive and unique as ever.

Andy comments; “Out of the other tracks to start off with this has a catchy siren like intro that I think will capture people’s attention straight away, but also it’s a very video worthy track from a visual aspect. Heavy, energetic and melodic with hints of shred which has since become my trademark with my writing style.

“The song is called ‘Asylum’ so I wanted something that would represent a process of being driven mad then freed from that torture to complete sedation and conformity which I guess represents the society we live in. You’re considered crazy if you live outside the norm which I suppose working in the music industry, to most, seems out of the norm to that 9-5 way of live. So I tried to represent that through this song and imagery. It also fits the throwback/modern vibe of the artwork and music.” Andy James 2018

“If I had to sum up the album in one sentence it would be “Death Punch meets Satriani with a hint of Def Leppard”. Obviously, I’m using more familiar names to sum up my own music, but the playing definitely sounds like me, it’s just more to illustrate quickly what you can expect before pressing play.“