Tower Of Babel Signs With Dream Records

Heavy Rockers Tower Of Babel featuring guitar shredder Joe Stump (Raven Lord, Holyhell) and mastermind Csaba Zvekan (vocals)  (Exorcism, Raven Lord, Metal Machine) have inked a record deal with the Swiss label Dream Records.

The record will be re-released with a brand new mix and master on an undisclosed release date via Dream Records.

Singer and producer of the record Csaba Zvekan comments:

“…Well, well, well. The record was taken down from the markets due to licensing issues. So then I found a new label Dream Records who will do a re-release for us. In the meantime I’m working on a new mix and master as I did not like what was previously released anyway.

The songs will be much more compact with the guitar solos cut shorter.
After all this is a band effort and not anybodies solo or instrumental record.
When I started this band with Craig Gruber (Rainbow, Elf, Gary Moore) I had a clear vision of the sound and role. Unfortunately I let way too much “ego” from certain players in the band take over and that will stop now.

Track listing:


It’s Only Rock’n’Roll

Lake of Fire


Midnight Sun

Eternal Flames

Once Again


Eyes of the World

Lamb and the Wolves


Line up:

Csaba Zvekan – Vocals
Joe Stump – Guitar
Maestro Mistheria – Keyboards
Nic Angileri – Bass Guitar
Mark Cross – Drums