Salems Lott Release New Music Video For ‘Royal Desperado’

Hollywood based rockers Salems Lott have released a new video for the track ‘Royal Desperado‘ from their new album ‘Mask Of Morality‘ released on April 6. 2018.

Salems Lott guitarist Jett has checked in with the following comment:

Mask Of Morality is the story of the individual vs the bloodthirsty mob. Royal Desperado is one of the songs that embodies this tale the most and in the story section of the video we see the elements of re-emerging and rabid tribalism vs individualism. If you’re paying attention to western society and it’s affinity towards consuming repetitive & tranquilized art with little sign of counter movements in addition to our predilection towards mob justice, you should be very alarmed by our increasing tendency towards resentful, robotic and self-enslaving herd-like behavior that risks demolishing the cornerstone of our society (the individual).


Monroe Black – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Jett – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Kay – Lead Bass, Vocals
Tony F. Corpse – Drums

To order a copy of Salems LottMask Of Morality, visit the following links:

Salems Lott on iTunes (Digital)

Salems Lott on Amazon (Physical)

Salems Lott official BandCamp website