Pride & Joy Music Sign Symphonic Metal band ALCYONA From Belarus

Pride & Joy Music is proud to announce the signing of female fronted Symphonic Metal band ALCYONA from Minsk, Belarus!

The band around keyboard player and song-writer Natalia Malei was founded in 2012 and now is ready to release their debut album ‘Trailblazer‘ on February 23rd, 2018!

Trailblazer‘ was produced by Evgeniy & Natalia Malei and recorded at ALCYONA Records, Minsk (Belarus) between April 2016 – February 2017, and mixed & mastered in Georgia by Max Forneus in May 2017. Artwork and layout were designed by Artem Artyakov & Anna Avaeva.

Line up:

Olga Terentyeva (vocals)

Natalia Malei (keyboards)

Evgenyi Malei (guitar, vocals)

Anatoly Afanasenok (drums)

Nikolai Sidorevich (guitars).