Breaking The Chains Charity Rock Project Release Video For ‘Valley Road’

Breaking The Chains a rock music project created to raise awareness for Child Abuse and supporting the great work of Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.) have released a video for the track ‘Valley Road‘.

Breaking The Chains is a charity rock project, uniting more than 40 of the best Dutch rock stars, to record an album.

John ‘JayCee’ Cuijpers – Praying Mantis
Wudstik – Ayreon, For All We Know
Robert Soeterboek – United Voices of Rock, Highway Chile
Ian Parry – Consortium Project
Jan Willem Ketelaers – Classics Rock Show
Marieke Bresseleers – Circle Unbroken
Margriet Mol – Asrai
Martin van der Meyde – 4eigner
Petra Honing – Equisa

Adje van den Berg – Vandenberg’s Moonkings, Whitesnake
Ruud Jolie – Within Temptation, For All We Know, Maiden uniteD
Timo Somers – Delain
Bart Hennephof – Textures
Eric Hazebroek – Vetrar Draugurinn, ex-Stream of Passion
Frank Schiphorst – MaYaN
Rick Bouwman – Martyr
Jan Bechtum – Picture
Sebas Honing – Equisa
Joe Tal – Textures

Kristoffer Gildenlöw
Jan Bijlsma – The Last Element
Johan van Stratum – VUUR, The Gentle Storm, ex-Stream of Passion
Peter Vink – Knight Area, Star One

Ed Warby – VUUR, The Gentle Storm, The 11th Hour
Mike Coolen – Within Temptation, Maiden uniteD
Ivar de Graaf – Kingfisher Sky
Dirk Bruinenberg – Elegy, Place Vendome
Arno te Loo – Royal Flush

Ton Scherpenzeel – KaYaK

Maaike Peterse – Kingfisher Sky, Kovacs
Ben Mathot – Ayreon
Jeroen Goossens – Ayreon
Anne Bakker

The collaboration and foundation was established early 2017 to support the Dutch division of Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.) in their great and important work.
B.A.C.A. is a worldwide organization of bikers who help abused children by creating a safe environment for them.
Unfortunately, this is not the only battle these bikers are fighting out there.. They often have to deal with prejudice due to their appearances and lifestyles. This makes their important task a lot more difficult. Therefore it is of great significance that people get aware of who these heroes are and what they really stand for.
This is where Breaking the Chains comes in. This prestigious project began as an idea to do something special and meaningful for B.A.C.A., using music as a medium to reach a new, wider audience.
Starting off by creating a single soundtrack for B.A.C.A.’s mission, this soon grew out to be a full-length concept-album. An album with original music, specially written for this amazing project and to benefit B.A.C.A. Together with top-musicians from the Dutch rock-scene, this album is written to raise the awareness for abused children and for B.A.C.A. and their important mission.

Rockers and bikers stand united against child abuse!

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