Review: Samarkind – Samarkind

Review: Samarkind – Samarkind

Independent (November 24th 2017)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Of course there is many a time that your told by a PR that this album will be right up your street, on this occasion the PR in question is so bloody right!

What we have here are eight tracks which are absolutely soaked in southern rock & bourbon.

Samarakind are a truly international band with two Irishmen, David Paul Byrne, formerly of Assassin on vocals, Mark Dempsey on bass guitar, Polish guitarist Michal Kulbaka and South African Marius Appelgryn on drums.

Not exactly what you’d expect a Southern tinged band to be, but trust me these guys absolutely nail it! Think Blackfoot mixed with 70’s classic rock, a combination which as I said is certainly my bag.

The band has just supported Inglorious in Dublin and they are in some respects of the same ilk. Similarities in vocal style at times and as I said there’s that underlying 70’s vibe.

The stand out track for me is ‘Good Man Calling‘, a slow burner of a track which amply demonstrates what this band is about.

If there’s one small criticism, it’s the fact it’s only eight tracks, which makes sort of in between an EP and a full album. Hopefully the band has plenty more material up it’s collective sleeves.

Another 2017 release that’s highly recommended.