Review: American Mafia – Made In New York

Review: American Mafia – Made In New York

Lions Pride (September 25th 2017)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

As regular readers of my ramblings know only too well, I’ve impatiently awaited the arrival of ‘Made in New York‘ since it was first announced.

I was one of the people who took part in the band’s Pledge campaign, ending up with a rather splendid t-shirt indeed. American Mafia are a band I was instantly attracted too after hearing the samples from their first album ‘Rock N’ Roll Hit Machine‘, and have played that particular release to death! Well I was certainly hoping for more of the same when it came to this five track EP.

Unlike the aforementioned album, all the vocals on ‘Made in New York‘ are handled by Don Chaffin, who’s vocal style is certainly my taste, don’t like the vocalist, don’t like the music…simples!

The simple fact is if you like ‘Rock N’ Roll Hit Machine‘ then you’ll like ‘Made in New York‘, it’s a perfect follow on from the band.

To still have bands following that hard rock path with no added fluff and nonsense is an absolute blessing, the old ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ saying is a perfect example of what the EP brings to the table.

All I can say more is roll on another full album from the band. I for one already have my wallet open and ready!