10 Rogue Release Debut Single ‘Erased’ On 10th November

On 20th October 10 Rogue, release their ferocious catchy debut album ‘Serpentine’ on BUT! Records through Universal Music. Serpentine‘s unmitigated unbridled, and unique energy makes for one of the best debuts of 2017

Multinational band 10 Rogue, founded in Johannesburg S Africa, based in Belgium, have been a going concern since 2014 and ‘Serpentine‘ is their International debut release.

10 Rogue is a band that explores music that exists somewhere on the border between Hard Rock & Metal, crossing back & forth across the boundary as they see fit. They are also one of those bands that will have the tag modern & contemporary applied to them by many, as their specific take on this style of music isn’t one that comes direct & easy to grasp references to era specific sounds or household names in music. Which makes the genre descriptions alternative rock & metal ones easy to fall back on.

With 10 Rogue you have here a band that delivers some fairly straight forward & uncomplicated tunes. Those fond of complicated structures & an array subtle details flavouring the arrangements won’t encounter too much of those here! BUT compelling & pleasant songs, & fairly often with a strong radio-friendly feel to them, are served up in ‘Serpentine‘ one after the other. At times with gentler expression to AOR style Hard Rock, at other times with a darker & wilder expression adding a bit of grit & even sleaze, plus a subtle echo of Grunge. Harmony style chorus sections is another strong detail 10 Rogue has good grasp of, that help categorize this release as “Rock ‘n roll, crossover of old and new school rock/metal.

What you hear on the album is 100 years of combined experience!”

To pre-order ‘Serpentine go to 

iTunes: http://hyperurl.co/dic8mo


CD Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/SERPENTIN…/…/B074TXVFYW/ref=sr_1_1

Track listing:

01        Erased.

02        Amphetimine.

03        Dark Angel Princess.

04        Disappear You.

05        Get Myself Free.

06        I Am The Light.

07        Know Better.

08        Unscathed.

09        Love Hate.

10        You’re Killing Me.

11        Some Day.

12        Dysfunctional.

13        When Ya Down.

Line up: 

Peter Evrard  vocals

Vincent Weynen  guitar

Zan Geerarts  guitar

Stan Verfaillie bass

Bruno Goedhuys  drums

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