Sweet Crisis ‘Live At The Junction Cambridge’ Released Sept 29th

Sweet Crisis are proud to announce the release of their debut live album ‘Live At The Junction on September 29th.
Sweet Crisis epitomise guitar driven rock’n’roll, an incendiary mix of great beats and riffs, their distinctive brand of melodious bombast is captured perfectly on this live album.
To celebrate the release, Sweet Crisis will performing a series of shows and promise “An explosive and energetic music experience with ripping guitar riffs, gorgeous vocal melodies and pumping drums and live video visuals to boot.”
Live At The Junction is the perfect introduction to this fine trio. Sweet Crisis are going to save rock & roll with hard luck stories,  gritty tales and pitch-perfect riffage.
Sweet Crisis are currently recording their first studio album set to be released in early 2018.


Track listing:
  1. Awakening.
  2. Ways Of You Love.
  3. Rapture.
  4. Shadows.
  5. Take Control.
  6. Fight For Nothing.
  7. Future Seeds.
  8. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life.
  9. Last Man On Earth.

To pre-order album ‘Live At The Junction go to :