Kaledon Release Official Video For ‘The Evil Witch’

After 3 years from the previous release, Kaledon return with a brand new album ‘Carnagus – Emperor Of The Darkness‘. They’re released an Official video for ‘The Evil Witch‘ off the album.

With a renewed line-up, enhanced by Michele Guaitoli‘s (Overtures, ex-Future Is Tomorrow) powerful vocals and Manuele di Ascenzo’s (ex-Secret Rule) amazing drums skills, mastermind Alex Mele (guitars) has finally forged a new chapter of the ‘Legend Of The Forgotten Reign‘ saga reaching the perfect mix of modern riffs, classic Power Metal speeds, epic choirs and symphonic arrangements.

Together with Paolo Campitelli (keyboards) and the founding members Tommy Nemesio (guitars) and Paolo Lezziroli (bass guitar) Kaledon are back, stronger than ever.

Official release date for ‘Carnagus – Emperor Of The Darkness‘ is May 15th, 2017 via Sleaszy Rider Records.

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