Lilith and the Knight Unleash New Video


On November 25th  Lilith and the Knight release their ferocious debut  EP ‘Insanity’ on Red Vixen Records.

Dark, provocative and creepy the Insanity video was filmed in an abandoned mental asylum in a deep dark corner of England but the band have been “forbidden from saying more”.

The Insanity EP is brimming with crisp riffs, taut song writing and killer choruses. The title track is heavier and darker in tone than ‘Wake Up‘ and closer to the overall picture the band want their music to paint. The heavy sound and macabre atmosphere of ‘Insanity‘ is followed by three further intensely honest songs; the dynamic ‘Formaldehyde‘ is pursued by the fast frenetic and bluesy ‘N.H.S. – No Health Society‘ before the Sabbathesque ‘Matriarch‘ closes the EP.

Track listing:

01 Insanity

02 Formaldehyde

03 N.H.S. – No Health Society

04 Matriarch