Saxon – The Vinyl Hoard Collector’s Edition Released October 28

Saxon - The Vinyl Hoard

For the first time on vinyl, Saxon will be releasing live recordings which were previously only released on CD or DVD. ‘The Vinyl Hoard‘, an eight disc box set, pressed on 180g gold vinyl, and in specially designed gatefold sleeves, will be released on Demon Records on October 28th.

The outer slipcase box features a specially-commissioned, beautiful brand new cover painting by Saxon’s artist-in-residence, the legendary Paul Gregory.

The boxset contains the following:

The Dogs Of War Tour, 1995 (Recorded on tour in Germany)
[Previously issued on CD as “The Eagle Has Landed Part II”]

The Lionheart Tour, 2004 (Recorded on tour in France, England and Germany)
[Previously issued on “The Eagle Has Landed Part III”]

A Night Out With The Boys, 2005: The 25th Anniversary Of The NWOBHM (Recorded on tour in Germany and Sweden)
[Previously issued on “The Eagle Has Landed Part III” ]

Rock Sound Festival, 2006 (Recorded in Switzerland)
[Previously issued on “To Hell And Back Again” ]


LP 1:

LP 2:

LP 3:

LP 4:

LP 5:

LP 6:

LP 7:

LP 8:

  1. Motorcycle Man
  2. Dragon’s Lair
  3. To Hell And Back Again
  4. Princess Of The Night
  5. Wheels Of Steel [including Doug Scarratt solo]
  6. Crusade

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