Review: Diamond Head – Diamond Head

Diamond Head - Diamond Head

Review: Diamond Head – Diamond Head

Dissonance (2106)

Reviewer: Kelv Hellraiser

Once upon a time four men cometh from Stourbridge with more great riffs in one song than the entire Black Sabbath catalogue. The ‘Riff meister’ was Brian Tatler, and with the greatest vocalist to ever come out of NWOBHM, Mr Sean Harris, they formed an unbeatable duo able to slaughter the likes of Iron Maiden And Def Leppard ….Harris was god in my eyes, I followed them around on trains to godforsaken places like Banbury , Wolverhampton & Woolwich. They had a diehard following, so much so a guy named Alan went to every gig, I kid you not, no matter where ….

Their first single’s B side ‘Helpless‘ was one song which was better than entire NWOBHM catalogue put together, whilst their White label Demo LP just proved every song was just killer, so much so a guy named Lars Ulrich flew to England to form the American Diamond Head ie Metallica. The rest Ladies & Gentlemen is history!

Colin and Duncan the monster rhythm section were gone due to lack of spandex haha and everything they did was just wrong especially after the record deal, the greatest band ever were history and Metallica took all the glory…until now.

Sean Harris is gone, hopefully he will re surface in Zeppelin or something, the guy deserves it …But Brian Tatler has pulled off the impossible, found the vocalist, dusted off his Riff Songbook and come up with the best heavy metal album in 36 years! Sean and new vocalist Rasmus Bom Anderson, have pulled off the unachievable, followed up that demo LP blowing away even the stuff since with Sean Harris… True Raz won’t look as good as Sean in electric blue spandex lol, but his voice and less pretty boy look will give Diamond Head the cred they so deserve with the heavier audiences, something they should have never strayed away from.

Songs riffs we’ve gottem, its 1980 all over again, perms are in lol ‘Bones‘ rocks Rifftastically, Raz dusts off Sean style lyrics more aggressively but way more melodic than Hetfield. Sure all the mannerisms of Harris are there but its just phenomenal, I’d forgot how great Brian Tatler was. He’s ‘old skool’ but he’s rekindled my interest in heavy metal. ‘Shout at The Devil‘ is the bastard son of ‘Play It Loud‘, great time changes, a bit AC/DC, a bit Hetfield, glorious .. My fave song ‘All The Reasons You Live‘ has all the majesty of early Rainbow and the epicness of ‘Am I Evil‘…lyrics tell the tale ‘he bleeds for all the reasons you live’. ‘Wizard Sleeve‘ is NWOBHM bliss with better production, time changes & riffs like it never went away. On ‘Blood On My Hands‘ Raz excels big time. Where’s this guy been hiding? He’s great! (not better than Sean, an alternative). I feel a bit of religion in the lyrics but no ‘Ishmael‘ lol ‘Silence‘, a monster epic closes in old days style, six minutes short for them lol.

I love every song, no fillers, just such a great surprise. I feel like dusting off my spandex at Barnet Rugby club, I used to be the Lord of Finchley! Brian, I want this on vinyl, did I forget to tell you it’s the best Heavy Metal LP in 36 years ….If this was the eighties it would be time for Diamond Head’s private jet lol