Review: The Troy Redfern Band / Salvation Jayne

The Troy Redfern Band,

Review: The Troy Redfern Band / Salvation Jayne

Beaverwood Club, Sidcup June 2nd 2016

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Kicking off proceedings on this Thursday night at the Beaverwood Club was a young band by the name of Salvation Jayne. Hailing from Kent, this was a bit of a local gig for them, and I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t overly familiar with them, but Pete Feenstra, our jovial host, had already told me they were a band to check out.

Salvation Jayne

Now a five piece, although this was the keyboardist’s first live gig with the band, they took no time in tearing up the place, vocalist Amy Benham doing an absolutely stonking job, a real powerhouse, helped by the thumping bass line put down by Dan Lucas on bass, and Lucy Foster on drums.

Salvation Jayne

Guitarist Holly Kinnear is certainly talented, and plays in an understated manner with no showing off or ‘heroics’. Instead she just lets the guitar do the talking.

I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on them and suggest you buy yourselves a copy of their excellent EP.

So onto the head liners. Having seen the Troy Redfern Band before, I knew what to expect and disappointed I was not!

To say Troy plays a mean slide guitar would be a bit of an understatement, coupled with some serious blues rock licks, Troy and the band just step it up another level, showing everyone why the UK currently has some of the hottest blues rock bands in the World.

Troy Redfern Band

The band give it their all, but are so obviously enjoying it. Their level of professionalism is so obvious, they just play so seamlessly together. For the last two tracks of the night, Holly came back on stage to finish off a great night’s entertainment.

Troy Redfern Band with Holly Kinnear

Both bands went down so well with the crowd, with Salvation Jayne getting a huge round of applause, certainly one of the best crowd responses to a support band I’ve seen at the Beaverwood.  If you get a chance to see either band then do grab it as you won’t be disappointed.