Ten ‘Battlefield’ (Limited Edition double CD) Album Details Revealed

Ten - Battlefield

British melodic hard rock band Ten are to release ‘Battlefield‘ with all the Ten songs from their Rocktopia Records period – including all the Japanese bonus tracks and exclusive EP tracks – onto one Limited Edition double CD release (500 copies only) with an exclusive cover by Gaetano Di Falco and will cost the same price of a single CD. It will be released on June 17, 2016 via Rocktopia Records.
Tracklisting ‘Battlefield’:

Disc 1 – ‘Albion’

  1. Alone In The Dark Tonight
    3. It’s Alive
    4. Albion Born
    5. Sometimes Love Takes The Long Way Home
    6. A Smuggler’s Tale
    7. It Ends This Day
    8. Die For Me
    9. Gioco D’Amore
    10. Wild Horses
    11. Good God In Heaven What Hell Is This 
    12. The Prodigal Saviour *
    13. Is There Anyone With Sense *

Disc 2 – ‘Isla De Muerta’

  1. Buccaneers (Instrumental)/Dead Men Tell No Tales
    2.Tell Me What To Do
    3. Acquiesce
    4. This Love
    5. The Dragon And Saint George
    6. Intensify
    7. Karnak (Instrumental)/Valley Of The Kings
    8. Revolution
    9. Musketeers – Soldiers Of The King *
    10. Angel Of Darkness
    11. The Last Pretender
    12. We Can Be As One
    13. Assault And Battery 

† Japanese Bonus Track
* Exclusive EP Track

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