Review: Departed – Departed (EP)


Review: Departed – Departed (EP)


Reviewer: Dan Mann

It is really pleasing to see another young British rock band hitting the ground running, mind you they’ve already got a wealth of experience from previous bands.

With Ben Brookland, the former lead guitarist of The Treatment, Mark Pascall, lead singer of Empire Of Fools and guest drummer Chris Rivers from Heaven’s Basement, there is plenty of British talent to inject into this the band’s first release.

Kicking off with ‘Are You Ready‘ the influences from previous work is very much in evidence, not that this is a bad thing in any way, shape or form. Mark’s vocals have the right tonal qualities for my own tastes and if your already familiar with Ben’s guitar prowess then you won’t be disappointed. Moving onto ‘Dreaming‘ which is one of my favorites out of the seven tracks on offer. Great riffs and energy.

Pretty Little Thing‘ follows on nicely, up tempo with a catchy chorus. ‘Don’t Follow Me‘ starts off in a slightly different vein than the previous two tracks, a good track but for some reason it doesn’t gel with me the same as the others.

Superstitious‘ kicks off with a nod in Airbourne’s direction before leading into an absolute belter of a track, the only disappointment is it’s too short at under three minutes but hey I’m being picky. Penultimate track ‘Steel Your Crown‘ is the track the band are pushing for airplay, I can see why, being rockin’ but radio orientated. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but it’s airing on the safe side.

And so we reach ‘All I Want‘, a track I can see as being a popular rock club track, it’s got that vibe about it and it finishes off the EP rather nicely.

There’s no doubt that Departed are a band to keep an eye on, as they are most certainly helping this resurgence of British rock and hats off to them for it.