Review: Chris Rolling – The Chris Rolling Squad

 The Chris Rolling Squad

Review:  Chris Rolling – The Chris Rolling Squad


Reviewer: Dan Mann

Chris Rolling and the boys nail their colours to the flag from the offset, with the opening track, ‘Whore‘, sounding very Stevie Ray Vaughn, but with a harder edge to the guitar playing. It’s a fast paced number also reminiscent of a favorite band of mine, Crowsaw.

Onto track two ‘Help Me‘, and there’s a slight shift vocals wise with Chris’s dialect being more prominent. A straight forward blues rock track with a nice guitar break half way through. ‘My Redemption‘ follows, another fast paced number, again nothing new but I don’t mean that in a derogatory way as it is an enjoyable track.

Vampire Blues‘ is certainly leaning more towards the blues end of the blues rock genre, while the final track ‘Janet Says Go Go Go‘ is almost rockabilly, but with influences the band say range from Motörhead to Hendrix combining Punk Rock, Psychedelic and Psychobilly it shouldn’t really be a surprise.

Will be interesting to see where the band go from here.


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