SHOTGUN (ex-SHOTGUN MESSIAH) ‘Live – Down Decadencia Drive’ Album Details Revealed

Shotgun Live

Swedish hard rockers Shotgun will release their new live album ‘Live – Down Decadencia Drive‘ on May 7 through Livewire/Cargo Records. A rocking new half breed of the original Shotgun Messiah is now releasing an in your face live album with all the songs from Shotgun Messiah’s highly acclaimed first album.

Is the result of this collaboration and a damn good live album that captures the nerve, the riffs, the attitude – and that straight-in-your-face-style that once was the trademark of Shotgun Messiah.

Track listing:
1. Squeezin Teazin
2. I’m Your Love
3. Bop City
4. Nowhere Fast
5. Dirt Talk
6. Nervous
7. Shout It Out
8. Don’t Care Bout Nothin’

The album was mixed by Chris Laney at LaneyLand and mastered by Classe Persson at CRP Recordings.

Shotgun are:
Zinny J. Zan – Vocals
Stixx – Drums
Rob Marcello – Guitars
Chris Laney – Bass

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