Review: Arctic Void – Entangled

Arctic Void - Entangled

Review: Arctic Void – Entangled

Power Prog (March 2016)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Not being familiar with this band I did some research and discovered they started a few years ago under a different moniker before guitarist Per Stålfors chatted with Power Prog CEO Götz Morgenschweis and so the final creation of Arctic Void was realised.

And so to the music. ‘Entangled‘ consists of eleven tracks of melodic metal with the occasional slice of symphonic metal for good measure.

Kicking off with ‘On The Padded Wall‘ you soon come to realise that there are in fact two main singers, Anna Samuelsson and Olof Lindgren. And this combination of male & female vocalists works really well. Anna’s vocals soaring but not grating thankfully, which is a ‘flaw’ I personally find on a lot of female metal vocals.

State Of War‘ finds Olof handling the vocals and is a combination of chugging guitar, air raid sirens and news report sound bites which help create a foot pounding track. Both vocalists combine for ‘Sleeping Under Water‘ however I did find Olof’s vocals getting a bit too ‘shouty’ in that death metal style which I’m not really a fan of. However that aside an enjoyable track.

The opening bars to ‘Who Am I‘ certainly lean more towards the symphonic, with great vocal harmonies. Per Stålfors and Peter Svensson giving you that twin axe attack and Claes Kling  and Anders Ström keeping things tight from their engine room of bass & drums. ‘The Rising‘ & ‘Labyrinth’ follow, but for some reason the vocal duet-ting sounds a little muddy to my ears, Anna’s vocals getting a little buried in the mix.

However we’re back to clarity with ‘Obsession‘ and some great guitar riffs into the bargain! ‘In The Blink Of An Eye‘ again has a great guitar ‘chug’ about it and is one of the more melodic tracks on the album.

Sacrilege‘ is one of my favorite tracks on the album with a great chorus and a slightly different guitar sound. It’s one of the tracks I’ve repeatedly played.

Penultimate track ‘Ghosts Are Calling‘ gives Olof’s vocals a bit of a twist, giving them a slightly robotic effect which actually works really well, interspersed with the more usual duet with Anna. The guitar is more hard rock than melodic metal and sounds great.

The final track on the album ‘Blackwood‘ and is another favorite. Everything comes together so well to end the album on a high.

For their first release Arctic Void have done a sterling job and I look forward to their follow up.