Review: Chris Caffery – Your Heaven Is Real

Your Heaven Is Real

Chris Caffery -Your Heaven Is Real

Metalville (2015)

Reviewer: Aaron Chatfield

I first became aware of Chris Caffery, when he joined one of my favourite bands, Savatage. A multi-instrumentalist (the usual bass, vocals, guitar… Plus saxophone! J).

He released his first solo work back in 2004, although, it’s not until his 2009 release, Pins And Needles, that I believe he found his solo sound.  The title track opens up with some clean guitar, before ripping into some uber-heavy riffage. Chris is a solid player, with some serious weight to his playing as well as handling the vocals too. His voice is powerful and gritty, hints of Jon Olivia in there as well as a few other metal pipe-smiths. Great opener for the album.

Arm And Leg’ follows, riding a flanged guitar, a la Inside The Electric Circus. The vocals are pure insanity, like Jon Olivia’s craziest moments. ‘Just Fine’ follows on some great riffing, reminding me of Zakk Wylde or maybe Diamond Darrell (I refuse to use Dimebag!). The tempo slows down for the chugging ‘Why’. An epic battle anthem for peace, with a rumbling baseline and a balladesque verse. Reminds me a lot of Iced Earth.

‘Damned If You Do’ follows nicely. ‘Hot Wheelz’, is an instrumental piece, reminding the listener that Chris has world class chops while ‘I Never Knew brings in the gentler side, which Chris is also known for. The track has some great lead work. ‘Sick And Tired’ and ‘Death By Design’ are both good album tracks, that lead us to a small acoustic instrumental, ‘2 26 15′… (why can’t Americans use the same date format as the rest of the of the world?!?)  ‘Too Soon To Be Too Late leads us to a pair of ballads ‘Over And Over and ‘Come Home’. The later is similar to Savatage tracks such as Breathe. Not sure if it’s the best way to finish an album, but they are good tracks.

Overall, Chris delivers a good, personal album. You can hear a lot of influence from the bands he’s played in and I get the feeling that he writes for his own enjoyment, rather than to please a fan base. In doing that, he probably pleases his true fans anyway. If you like Savatage, TSO, etc and want something with little less grandiose and a little heavier, then pick this up.  His previous two releases, House Of Insanity and Pins And Needles are also worth a check out