Review: Mitch Laddie Band – Let You Go

Mitch Laddie Band - Let You Go

Review: Mitch Laddie Band – Let You Go


Reviewer: Dan Mann

Three years after the last studio release we have the welcome return of Mitch Laddie esq & co with a brand new studio recording ‘Let You Go’

From the off this album cocks a snook at what you’d expect from someone quite often perceived as a blues guitarist.

Mitch is a versatile guitarist, comfortable to mix and blend rock, blues, funk and what ever else takes his fancy. Joining him on this musical adventure is bassist Rhian Wilkinson & drummer Matt Connor, who together create a huge wall of sound which doesn’t swamp but compliments and reinforces Mitch’s playing.

From the absolute funkfest of ‘Your Time, Pt 2‘ through to the more jazzy ‘Linger‘, the bluesy ‘Cut Loose‘ to the 60’s infused rock of ‘Before It’s Mine, Pt3‘, you are taken on a musical journey without seat belts or safety net!

For those of you yearning for a change from blandness, or if your just looking for something a bit different and refreshing, then this is the album for you.