Review: Maxx Explosion – Dirty Angels


Maxx Explosion – Dirty Angels

Kivel Records (March 2015)

Reviewer – Dan Mann

Yes I admit it, I’ve been a slacker when it comes to actually reviewing the second album by the Maxx Explosion boys.

I’ve made no secret of my love of their first album, nor the fact that they’ve been very supportive of Rockposer’s Roulette.

Putting all that aside……………..who am I kidding, I absolutly love this release!

There is without doubt an improvement to Chris McCarvills vocals, not that he sounded like a fog horn I hasten to add. It’s more that he’s taken vocals duties more in his stride.

You have to remember this is a different animal to House Of Lords. It is in no way HOL 3/4, it’s a totally separate entity. Yes your going to get a few similarities here and there. That’s bound to happen with the guys so involved in HOL, but this is a release that can quite happily stand up on it’s own merit.

This album just flows so well, it’s obvious how much fun the guys are having and how well they work togeather.

There’s always that danger of liking an album from the off, only to eventually tire of it. Not so with ‘Dirty Angels‘. In fact it just seems to get better and better the more listens it gets, and a hell of a lot of listens it’s had too!

I must say the cover of ‘Dream Weaver‘ is superb. An inspired choice of song or a drunken gamble? Either way it’s a worthy inclusion.

Now to the dreaded moment when I need to pick stand out tracks. Gulp………..Well the title track ‘Dirty Angels‘, ‘Crazy Hot‘ ‘Nothing’s Easy‘and yes that cover of ‘Dream Weaver‘ would I guess be my favorites.

If you liked/loved ‘Forever‘ then this will in no way disappoint and should be added to your collection post haste.