Review: House Of Lords – Indestructible


House Of Lords – Indestructible

Frontiers Music (June 2015)

Reviewer – Dan Mann

House Of Lords return with their tenth studio album ‘Indestructible’, recorded by a line-up that has been together ten years.

And a very successful line-up it is too, making everything flow like a well oiled machine with Messer’s Christian, Bell, Zampa & McCarvill as the engineers.

And so, to the album itself. It is pretty clear from the first notes of ‘Go To Hell’ that this is a House of Lords album, such a familiar sound and that first song certainly wouldn’t have been out of place on say the Sahara release.

James Christian is sounding better than ever, with tracks like ‘Pillar Of Salt‘ showcasing what a fantastic singer he is. The album follows on perfectly from last year’s ‘Precious Metal’ giving the listener everything they want from a House Of Lords release.

What you get are wonderful harmonys, and layer upon layer of music, with the band sounding incredibly tight.  A perfect example of this would be ‘We Will Always Be The One’ which is a perfect example of the melodic side of the album. But the hard rock side isn’t let down as ‘100mph’ clearly demonstrates, Jimi Bell delivering the goods on this fast paced track.

Chris McCarvill and BJ Zampa have to be one of my favorite parings when it comes to what I like to call a band’s engine room. This rhythm section are so tight, delivering a punchy, yet focused wall of sound.

If I had to pick stand out tracks I’d probably go for ,‘Eye Of The Storm’ and the aforementioned ‘Go To Hell’ as my current choices. My only real criticism would be that James’s vocals are a little muddied on the last track of the album ‘Stand And Deliver’ but apart from that there is no faulting the production.

To sum up, a must buy not only for House Of Lord fans, but all melodic hard rock fans.