Review: Lucid Dreams – Lucid Dreams


Review: Lucid Dreams – Lucid Dreams

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Well, if someone took it upon themselves to record an album that would tick the majority of boxes on my ‘like’ list then this release comes pretty close. What Lucid Dreams have delivered is a solid block of Scandinavian rock.

Hailing from Norway, the band formed in around 2011 and after a period of gigging and songwriting, they have released this their first album. Produced by the band’s guitarist Rune Gutuen, the album was mixed and mastered by none other than Tommy Hanson, best known for his work with the likes of Pretty Maids, TNT, Jorn & Helloween. So there you have a strong helping hand in making this album my cup of tea.

After a symphonic metal intro, the first track to hit your ears is ‘Cassies Escape’. Strong drumming combined with layers of guitars & keyboards in that European style that I like so much. A great start to what is to come.

Next up ‘For Your Love’ If you like your rock to have that twin guitar attack with an infill of keyboards then you’ll certainly like this. It kind of reminds me a little of the Oliva album on the chorus.

Then we have the first single ‘ Daisy Dukes’ A solid hard rock song which is definitely catchy and I can see why the band might of chosen this as their first single.

Now the next track ‘Closing The Deal’ for some reason doesn’t gel the same way as the other tracks do. The style of singing on it just doesn’t really work for me. But hey most albums generally have one track you don’t like as much as the others.

Things now slow down for ‘Lucid Dream’ with acoustic guitar work and long drawn out chords on the keyboards. Most enjoyable.

Track 7 is ‘Stormy’ One of those tracks that builds slowly with an Eastern theme to the intro before it launches into  what I’d describe as once again a real Jon Oliva style track with attacking guitar, vocals that go for the throat and an almost Jon Lord keyboard style with Thorleif Østmoe (keyboards) letting loose so to speak.  Certainly some progressive influences coming through too. This is so far my favorite track on the album.

‘Take Me Away’ is again taking some progressive influences and wrapping them in a more traditional hard rock song if that kinda makes sense?

‘Paranoia’ is, apart from the ‘intro’ the shortest track on the album. And yet the band cram as much into it as they can. That’s not to say it ends up muddled by any means I hasten to add.

Well ‘Wanton’ Conquest’ is what I would call a fun track. The band letting things stray away from the more serious tracks on the album.

‘Light In The Sky’ is a straight forward hard rock song with keyboards taking the lead and a song chorus that immediately sticks in your head.

And last but certainly not least we arrive at the twelfth and final song on the album ‘When I Die’ The backing vocals remind me of Uriah Heep in some ways and Fredrik Sindsen’s vocal style continues to remind me of Jon Oliva. I’ve already mentioned what to me are Oliva style sounds to the album and this is in no way a bad thing. As far as I’m concerned, quite the contrary.

In conclusion, ‘Lucid Dreams’ is an album I’m really enjoying and I can whole heartily recommend you check out the band & album.