Review: Meridian – Metallurgy


Review: Meridian – Metallurgy

Mighty Music (2014)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

I had the real good fortune of being sent a copy of this as yet unreleased album by my good friend Martin J Anderson, the guitarist with Danish rock band Blindstone.

Martin is also involved with Meridian, having played on five of the ten tracks, the other five having been played by former lead guitarist Mads Bahl.

After the first couple of tracks it was really starting to bug me who vocalist Lars Märker reminded me of. Then it struck me. There’s a real similarity between Lars and Sargant Fury vocalist Andrew “Mac” McDermott (R.I.P.) Well trust me, that ain’t a bad thing as far as I’m concerned.

Now for those of you who love to pigeon hole bands I’m afraid your not going to get a straight answer. Yes parts of  the album are I guess heavy metal. However overall the album is to me a good, solid album of hard rock. The sort of hard rock that I personally love.

The album kicks off with a decent length intro track (2.17) called ‘Introminator’. And it certainly helps set the stage for what’s to follow. Now it’s a bit of a struggle to pick a ‘favorite’ as such as the album is consistently strong throughout. I guess if you held a gun to my head and said pick one then it would be ‘Between Love And Hate’

Yes I could wax lyrical and drone on like some album reviews do…….but that ain’t my style. I’m just going to say I hope this gets a release sooner rather than later, and then you too can experience some proper rock music.

01 Introminator

02 Between Love And Hate

03 Narrowmind

04 Human Price

05 Frozen In Time

06 The Machine

07 Red Horizon

08 Seeking Immortal Life

09 Only The Strong

10 My Enemy