The Legendary Marquee Club

I’ve been reading with much interest and it has to be said,with a lot of nostalgia, the history of the legendary Marquee Club.

Many an evening was spent by yours truly within it’s hallowed walls, firstly at the Wardour Street site & then again when it re-located to

Charing Cross Road. Can I remember all the bands I saw at both sites? If only! Certain gigs do however stick out as truly memorable.

When Metal Church played at the Charing Cross site, Mike Howe introduced a ‘new’ band by the name of The Four Horsemen saying that they’d only played a couple of times. Some of us were already in the ‘know’ and on walked Metallica, this being I think the only time they were Metal Church’s support act!

The first band I saw when the club re-located was Dan Reed Network who were making their UK debut. A fantastic night followed.

Memories of Wardour Street gigs has to be Great White with their Fins Over London and unfortunatly queuing for Joe Satriani only to just miss out getting inside before it was full.

Of course no evening at the Wardour Street site was  proper without starting proceedings with a pint or three in the institution that is The Ship .

A wonderfully old fashioned pub whose customers were both rock fans & musicians & whose bar staff were all about 75 years old.

And so, raise a glass if you will to the much missed legend that was The Marquee Club.