Terrorvision are to release a brand new single, the foot stomping festive feel good ‘Our Christmas Song‘  their first new material since 2011 !!

Our Christmas Song‘ is a festive present to our fans, and anyone else with a love of the heady days of pop music, when the Christmas No.1 mattered and the main event on Christmas day was settling down to watch Top of the Pops with the last few segments of your chocolate orange, washed down with a cheeky swig of your Gran’s Snowball.’ exclaim Terrorvision.

Formed in 1988, Terrorvision‘s aim to be the biggest band from Bradford (beginning with ‘T’) still holds true. Five hit albums and 13 Top 40 singles (peaking at No.2!) between 1993 and 2001 saw them catapulted from pub gigs in Yorkshire to arena’s and major festival stages across Europe.

Whether they were doo-wopping their way to Oblivion, hailing the advice of whales and dolphins in Perseverance, or celebrating the mind-altering properties of a certain strain of cactus juice, Terrorvision made friends and influenced fans across the world and confirmed themselves as the ‘go to’ rock band for festival fun and games throughout the 90s.

2001 saw an end to the ride. Frazzled and brain-fried after ten straight years on the road, the band went their separate ways to try out other things, in life and in music. Marks’ Blunderbuss delivered the metal, Leigh’s Malibu Stacey some snotty glam-tinged punk and Tony’s Laika Dog alt-rock with a side order of indie.

A handful of gigs and festival appearances from 2005-2010 (which proved, like riding a bicycle, that being back on a stage and rocking the s*** out of it came naturally) led to the band writing and releasing their first album for ten years, Super Delux. Featuring new drummer Cam, it delighted their hardcore fan base with a barrage of hooks and everything turned up to 11!

Touring Super Delux throughout 2012 (with everything turned up to 11) left the band somewhat fried and mangled all over again, so everyone split for calmer waters and new challenges.

An out-of-the-blue invitation from Thunder to guest on their 2016 arena shows was the impetus the band needed to get back in a room together, and since then Terrorvision have been out to play a handful of gigs each year, to increasingly large crowds, in increasingly bigger venues, the likes of which they haven’t played since the 1990s. It seems more and more people want a bit of Terrorvision back in their life.

Downloads of ‘Our Christmas Song‘ are only available from the band’s store, on preorder until December 13th , (for a shot at bothering the Christmas week chart), where you can also buy it alongside a limited edition signed Christmas card from the band that comes exclusively with another new track to download ‘By My Side‘. https://smarturl.it/OurChristmasSong

Terrorvision’s 2020 UK Tour dates 


07 Leeds, Warehouse (SOLD OUT!)

08 Leeds, Warehouse (SOLD OUT!)

27 Liverpool, Grand Central Hall

28 Wolverhampton, Steel Mill

29 Feb  Poole, Winter’s End Festival


29 Newark, Stonedead Festival


07 Nov  Great Yarmouth, Hard Rock Hell Chapter XIV

For tickets go to: http://terrorvision.com/gigs.html

Line up:

Tony Wright – vocals

Mark Yates – guitar

Leigh Marklew – bass

Cameron Greenwood – drums

Milton Evans – keyboards

Official Website


Stonedead Festival proudly presents special guests, Bradford rockers Terrorvision.
The Yorkshire legends are currently enjoying a resurgence of their popularity, following the ‘Britrock Must Be Destroyed Event’ which saw the band play alongside other 90s iconic bands: Reef, The Wildhearts and Dodgy in 2018 and a number of shows to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the release of the iconic LP ‘Regular Urban Survivors‘.

The lineup of: Tony Wright (vocals), Mark Yates (guitar), Leigh Marklew (bass), Milly Evans (keys) and Cam Greenwood (drums) will certainly take the party up a notch in August and should not be given the label of a nostalgia act, Terrorvision have true Northern grit and a host of hits. From Tequila, Alice What’s the Matter, My House, D’ya Wanna Go Faster to Oblivion, the vibrant rockers guarantee to get you bouncing, singing along and waving your arms in the air.
Tony had this to say about StonedeadAbsolutely love playing and love festivals so can’t wait to rock up and rock out, see
y’all soon

Stonedead’s stellar line-up aims to excite both classic and new rock fans in providing a unique one day, one stage festival where the music is loud, the beer and food are priced competitively and you can camp / park 5 minutes from the arena.of

The festival is solely organised by volunteers and created for music fans, Stonedead is a festival experience not to be missed. With a free signing tent brought to you in conjunction with Planet Rock Radio.

We have a dedicated covered wellbeing area with seating and sun cream! We allow alcohol to be brought into the arena – 4 cans of ready mixed spirits or beer / cider.

With our Special Guests and the Opening Poll competition winners still to be announced, Stonedead Festival is carrying on its solid tradition of bringing both well known and new rock bands to Newark Showground, Nottinghamshire.

New for this year:

– all children under 4 are free entry this year!

Disabled access:

PA tickets are free with email proof. Sheltered indoor premises available for those who need it, near the first aid tent, with a fridge for medication, accessible toilets, and permanent shower facilities for disabled camping tickets and a staffed viewing platform.



With free car parking and only a small excess of £2 per van for caravans / campers

Adults: £50 Arena (+£10 camping)

Children (all under 14 years must be accompanied by an adult – children under 4 are free)

: £35 Arena (+£5 camping)


£175 per group of 4 Arena

£215 per group of 4 Arena and Camping


(all under 14 years must be accompanied by an adult – children under 4 are free)

£160 per family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children under the age of 14) Arena

£180 per family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children under the age of 14) Arena and Camping

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Peter Scallan©
Peter Scallan©

Review: Thunder/Terrorvision/King King

Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow 18 Feb 2016

Reviewer: Peter Scallan

Another three band bill but this time it seems a little more eclectic, but no less value for money. Despite being an avid gig-goer since 1979, I have never actually seen Thunder but strangely have seen the other two bands. But let’s get down to business.

First up was King King. Fronted by a kilted singer-guitarist by the name of Alan Nimmo, I had recently saw the band supporting Gun at the Glasgow Barrowlands and was well impressed by their blues rock. Despite being on very early they attracted a good crowd which was pleasing as Alan is a Glasgow boy.

Peter Scallan©
Peter Scallan©

Opening the set with More Than I Can Take, which is also the opening song from their second album, quickly followed by Waking Up from the latest album, it was clear they weren’t going to disappoint. Introducing the next song with some humorous Glaswegian banter with the crowd, another new song entitled Hurricane followed. With an almost funky intro it quickly moved into gear as a fast-moving blues rocker. Rush Hour signaled a change in pace and feel opening with just vocals and picking guitar and the vocals sounded a little strained but still carried that great melody. Mr Nimmo also managed to coax the growing and receptive audience to join in a sing-song which both audience and band seemed to enjoy. The pace and feel were lifted back up for Crazy which is a great big blues rocker with some great Rodgers-esque blues lead vocals. And again the audience were persuaded to join in with some hand clapping. With three bands the King King set was short and the next number was to be their last and again was drawn from the new album Reaching for the Light. Entitled Stranger to Love it’s a slow burning powerful ballad with a powerful chorus. While an unusual song to close a set with it worked a treat and the set was over all too quickly. Having seen these guys twice in almost as many months I have added their new album to my ‘must-buy’ list and looking forward to giving it a spin or two. Superb stuff indeed with my only real observation being that Mr Nimmo struggled slightly vocally – I just wonder how good these songs might sound with a top notch blues rock singer like…well like Danny Bowes!

Next up was Terrorvision and I have to be honest that even back in their heyday these guys were never my cup of tea! I also found them a strange choice of support act for Thunder especially sandwiched between them and the excellent King King. I was once asked to describe what these guys sounded like by a friend and my reply was that they were like a Heavy Metal Madness!

Peter Scallan©
Peter Scallan©

Regardless of my person preference they guys rocked and bounced all over the stage playing a much longer set than the opening act. And not surprisingly despite not having a single song of the bands in my collection, I recognised quite a few of the numbers, which is testament to just how many hit singles these guys had back in their heyday. The songs I recognised and remembered where Pretend Best Friend, My House, Oblivion and of course Alice What’s the Matter. What was clear was that there was a high percentage of the audience did like the band and some even getting up and dancing. Needless to say there was the usual cheeky chappy humour from singer Tony Wright which made up for his lack of vocal prowess. Not for me, but clearly very much enjoyed by a large proportion of the audience.

And then there was the not insignificant matter of Thunder! As stated above I have never actually seen Thunder, although I did see them as Terraplane before the first album came out at the Venue in Glasgow. Bizarre I know, especially as I think Danny Bowes is quite possibly pound-for-pound the best British rock vocalist of the last three decades!

Peter Scallan©
Peter Scallan©

The band opened with a 70s inspired video introduction and then launched into the title track of the latest studio album Wonder Days. Surprisingly they then also played another three songs from the new album namely Black Water, River of Pain and Resurrection Day. The latter was dedicated to guitarist/keyboard player Ben Matthews for his winning battle with cancer. However, the guys dipped out of the new material and played the stunning balled Like a Satellite which was predominantly piano and vocals and Bowes just reinforced to me why he is the best British rock vocalist of the last three decades. In fact, it reminded me of the first Terraplane album! The pace was lifted again with The Devil Made Me Do It with its raunchy blues-infused AC/DC-style riff and its great hook line – stupendous. This was followed by slow burning Empty City was equally superb and the ethereal intro reminded me of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. The band moved quickly through the gears to roll out Backstreet Symphony. And the superb songs just kept falling out the speakers with I’ll Be Waiting next followed by two songs from the latest studio album in the shape of The Thing I Want and When the Music Played. Now on the closing straight, Love Walked In was the penultimate song and brought the audience to fever pitch.

Peter Scallan©
Peter Scallan©

The set was then brought to a close with the rocking I Love You More Than Rock’n’Roll with audience participation. The band returned to do a couple of encores with the first of these being Serpentine and Luke Morley doing the bluesy intro on acoustic using a stand with his Flying V slung behind it and worked seamlessly between the two and again the audience joined in. The last song of the night was introduced with Danny doing his vocal intro and the band then launching into Dirty Love to round off an excellent set with Thunder coat of arms on the screen backdrop.

Another three band bill that seemed to be popular with the punters, some bemoaning the fact that they only caught the tail end of King King (they are playing Glasgow in May if you want to catch them properly) and others not overly impressed with the Thunder set list with so many new songs. While I can sympathise with that view somewhat, if Thunder are genuinely back on the scene as a recording and touring band they made their point by avoiding the greatest hits set list and rightly aired the excellent new material (and I know River of Pain isn’t exactly new before you say it!) and making a bold statement that they are back in business and want to be taken seriously. Personally, I don’t give a stuff as I lost my Thunder virginity and let’s be honest here – Danny Bowes could have come out and sang the Thomson Local Directory and it would have been awesome. And it was awesome, apart from the twat behind me who constantly whistled in my ear and was perilously close to getting a smack in the mouth – I must remember those ear plugs next time, just in case!