Los Angeles symphonic power metal band Anthea are sharing their new music video ‘Reach‘ off their upcoming album ‘Illusion‘ due out on October 23rd via Rockshots Records. The band adds about the track: “We start the album with ‘Reach‘, a catchy mid-tempo song with inspirational lyrics about taking initiative and fulfilling your dreams. We feel that this song really captures what Anthea is all about, therefore […]

With the release of their single ‘Higher Ground’ earlier this spring, Reach was defining the start of a new musical era and let their listeners into the alluring, ghostlike and gritty world they create around their upcoming new album. Following their previous single they are now releasing ’The Law’, a song about the evil machinery […]

Review: Reach  – The Great Divine Sun Hill (February 23rd 2018) Reviewer: Stephen Brophy  Swedish rockers Reach are back with ‘The Great Divine‘, and with Soufian Ma´Aoui (Houston) taking over Bass duties. Anyone expecting the new material to sound like 2015’s ‘Out To Rock‘ will be in for a rude awakening. It’s still melodic rock, […]