Building upon the success of their 2014 self-titled debut album and 2017 sophomore release ‘Scatterbrain‘, KXM returns with their third studio album, ‘Circle Of Dolls, which is scheduled for release on September 13, 2019.

KXM is comprised of Dug Pinnick of King’s X on vocals/bass, George Lynch of Lynch Mob/Dokken on guitars and Ray Luzier of Korn, on drums. ‘Circle Of Dolls features 13 new tracks and was recorded at the Steakhouse Studio in North Hollywood California, where the band once again tapped Chris “The Wizard” Collier to engineer and co-produce the new effort. 

Ray Luzier comments, “There’s a certain energy that happens in the studio very quickly when George, Dug and I get together and jam. This is our 3rd record and it was recorded with the same formula as the first two albums, no pre-written ideas, we just come up with totally fresh grooves & riffs and not over think anything. We definitely didn’t repeat ourselves, but you know for sure who it is when you hear it, all 3 records have their own unique character“. George Lynch adds, “It’s better than the first two albums. It’s insane, the magic is there, the chemistry’s there and we’re just sitting here patting ourselves on the back, telling each other what geniuses we are.” Says dUg Pinnick, “I hope everyone enjoys listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it!

From the infectious riff of the album opener ‘War of Words‘, to the album finale of ‘The Border‘, KXM have again created something truly special and musically diverse. Songs like ‘Lightning‘, ‘Big As The Sun‘, and ‘Cold Sweats‘ are sonically different from each other taking the listener on a musical journey.  ‘Circle Of Dolls‘ is a darker record thematically than their first two albums and builds upon the established KXM rock sound with thought provoking lyrics, catchy guitar riffs and rock-solid grooves.

Pre-order ‘Circle Of DollsHERE

Track listing:

01. War of Words

02. Mind Swamp

03. Circle Of Dolls

04. Lightning

05. Time Flies

06. Twice

07. Big As The Sun

08. Vessel of Destruction

09. A Day Without Me

10. Wide Awake

11. Shadow Lover

12. Cold Sweats

13. The Border

Bonus Track

14. War of Words (Radio Edit) *CD & Download Versions Only*

Beasto Blanco; the band comprised of Chuck Garric (long time Alice Cooper bassist) on guitars and vocals, Calico Cooper on vocals, Brother Latham on guitars, Jan LeGrow on bass and Sean Sellers on drums, will release their 3rd studio album ‘We Are‘ on May 24, 2019 via Rat Pak Records.  We Are is the follow up album to their highly successful 2016 self-titled sophomore release ‘Beasto Blanco‘. Produced by Ryan Greene, the new album is available for pre-order in various bundle configurations at:

Regarding the new album Chuck Garric comments, “We spent a lot of time channeling, dissecting and arranging the songs from our new album. The idea was, “Let’s make ‘our’ record – not necessarily what’s popular now or what we think other people will like. We said, let’s make a record for us and our fans. Our fans are loyal and our sound is our sound.

Guitarist Brother Latham adds “We Are” is a novel record for us.  It shows maturity in the band, without surrendering our reckless abandon and love of rock n’ roll!

Calico Cooper adds, “This record has teeth. It’s got a bite to it that I love. It’s message is from the people we see around us every day, it’s heartbeat is so loud. It says We are strong. We are indestructible. We are here. We Are!


01 The Seeker

02 Solitary Rave

03 Ready To Go

04 Down

05 Perception Of Me

06 Let’s Rip

07 Half Life

08 We Got This

09 Follow The Bleed

10 I See You In It

11 Halcyon (Bonus-track CD & Download versions)

Beasto Blanco will be touring U.S and Canada in support of ‘We Are‘ opening for Halestorm and Palaye Royale. The tour begins April 18th at the Verizon Center in Mankato, MN and takes the band through spring with additional headlining shows, as well as an appearance at this years Rocklahoma.


APR 18 Mankato, MN Verizon Wireless Center*
APR 20 Billings, MT Shrine Auditorium*
APR 21 Denver, CO Moe’s Original BBQ
APR 22 Salt Lake City, UT The Union*
APR 23 Garden City, ID Revolution Concert House*
APR 25 Kennewick, WA Toyota Center*
APR 26 Vancouver, BC Chan Centre*
APR 28 Edmonton, AB Norther Jubilee Auditorium*
APR 29 Calgary, AB MacEwan Ballroom*
MAY 01 Winnipeg, MB Burton Cummings Theatre*
MAY 05 Bismarck, ND Bismarck Event Center*
MAY 07 Rapid City, SD Barnett Arena*
MAY 08 Sioux Falls, SD Bigs Bar
MAY 09 Cedar Rapids, IA US Cellular Center*
MAY 10 Council Bluffs, IA West Fair Amphitheater*
MAY 11 Indianapolis, IN Kiss Expo
MAY 12 London, ON London Music Hall*
MAY 13 Toronto, ON Danforth Music Hall*
MAY 14 Ottawa, ON The Brass Monkey
MAY 15 Montreal, QC MTelus*
MAY 16 Quebec City, QC La Source de la Martinière
MAY 17 Brooklyn, NY Knitting Factory
MAY 19 Clifton, NJ Dingbatz
MAY 20 Pittsburgh, PA Hard Rock Cafe
MAY 22 Memphis, TN Hi Tone Cafe
MAY 23 St Louis, MO Fubar
MAY 25 Pryor, OK Rocklahoma
MAY 26 Dallas, TX Gas Monkey Live
MAY 27 Austin, TX Come & Take It Live
MAY 28 Houston, TX Warehouse
MAY 31 Jacksonville, FL Jack Rabbits
JUN 01 Nashville, TN The Basement East

(*with Halestorm)

Roxanne have released an official video for ‘Someone To Kill‘, the second video released off their brand new album ‘Radio Silence‘.

Pre-order at: or pre-order the album on iTunes and get an instant download of the single ‘Someone To Kill‘ and ‘Super Bad

You can read the album review Here

Official Website


West coast metal veterans Metal Church will release their 12th full length studio album ‘Damned If You Do‘ via Rat Pak Records on December 7, 2018 and will also be available in Europe via Nuclear Blast and Japan via KING Records.

The latest release is the follow up to their highly successful 2016 album ‘XI‘, which saw the return of legendary front-man Mike Howe. ‘Damned If You Do‘ is a cross between the band’s iconic ‘Blessing In Disguise‘ and ‘The Human Factor‘. This new offering features ten fully-charged, classic-metal influenced songs that showcase the sound that has garnered the band a solid fanbase for over 3 decades.

Kurdt Vanderhoof comments, “I feel this album is a very powerful statement to what Metal Church has always been about. A tough and aggressive old school metal album while maintaining a level of musicality and melodic sensibilities”.

Damned If You Do‘ also features new drummer Stet Howland (ex WASP / Lita Ford). Stet first arrived after the departure of long-time drummer Jeff Plate, but soon after joining the band was diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. Miraculously his treatments for the aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma worked and he was able to begin recording the new album.

Speaking of the new album Stet Howland comments, “From the minute we started tracking this new CD, I had the feeling that it was going to be something special. I knew that I was going to do my best to deliver a top drum performance, not only because of the high standard set by past Metal Church drummers, but also because this is my first CD release after being sick. I’m beyond happy with all aspects of this CD, great songs, great performances, great production, just an overall great CD! I love it!

Damned If You Do‘ is something truly unique and special. The songs are powerful, precise, and Metal Church’s musical vision is unified. From the haunting opener ‘Damned If You Do‘ to the final hard-edged track ‘The War Electric,’ this new album is sure to resonate with fans from the band’s early years while garnering new ones. Songs like ‘By The Numbers,’ ‘Guillotine‘ and ‘The Black Things‘ are sure to become instant favorites!

Mike Howe comments: “I’m very excited about the new release. It all came together way better than I even imagined. It’s a great feeling to work really hard on a musical project pouring your heart into it and hoping it comes out as something you can be proud of in the end. I have been listening to it every day and loving it! I hope our fans do as well!

Metal ChurchDamned If You Do‘ is available in various formats and bundle configurations including a ltd Blue, Black & white vinyl pressing with an alternate track sequence also an Ultimate Fan Bundle that includes a personal “Thank-you” phone call from Mike Howe, exclusively available at: 

Track Listing:
01. Damned If You Do
02. The Black Things
03. By The Numbers
04. Revolution Underway
05: Guillotine
06. Rot Away
07. Into The Fold
08. Monkey Finger
09. Out of Balance
10. The War Electric

Line up:
Mike Howe – Vocals
Kurdt Vanderhoof – Guitars
Stet Howland – Drums
Steve Unger – Bass
Rick Van Zandt – Guitars

Official Website


Review: Roxanne – Radio Silence

Rat Pak Records (October 26th 2018)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

We’ve only had to wait 30 years for the release of ‘Radio Silence‘, Roxanne‘s sophomore album. Was it worth the wait you ask? Before I get to that let’s just delve back in time. Roxanne released their self titled album back in 1988, which is when I first stumbled across the band and have loved that album ever since.

Imagine my surprise when Rat Pak Records announced a follow up album. I certainly wasn’t the only person who wanted to know more and was eager to hear whether the band still had that ‘something’ that first drew us to become fans.

Well folks, the good news is……….you ain’t going to be disappointed!

What those Roxanne fellas have managed to do is record an album that is a natural follow up to the debut without sounding dated. Now that’s certainly not an easy feat.

From the first few bars of ‘Someone To Kill‘ it’s obvious that ‘Radio Silence‘ is going to be a bit of a corker. All the elements are there, vocalist Jamie Brown‘s voice is still bang on the money, the band sounding tight as hell and your hand quickly reaches for the volume to crank it up!

From the slightly funked up ‘Super Bad‘ to the laid back ‘Broken Chandeliers‘ the album keeps on delivering. I absolutely love ‘Go Fuck Yourself‘, with it’s catchy chorus and riffs.

I must mention the cover version included in the album’s eleven tracks. On the debut we were treated to the superb cover of Wild Cherry‘s ‘Play That Funky Music‘. On ‘Radio Silence‘ we have a great cover version of The Scream‘s ‘Man In The Moon‘, a track I’ve always l liked and Roxanne‘s version isn’t a disappointment.

If you liked Roxanne‘s debut album then you will absolutely love ‘Radio Silence‘. How much do I like it personally? Well it’s certainly a contender for my Top 10 of 2018 list, that’s how much!

Thirty years after the release of their debut album, Roxanne are back and about to release a brand new album.

Radio Silence‘ is the sophomore release from the LA based rock band Roxanne and will be available on October 26, 2018 via Rat Pak Records. Originally formed in the late 80’s, Roxanne garnered commercial success with their 1988 self-titled debut album which was well received with two songs charting on rock radio; ‘Cherry Bay‘ and ‘Sweet Maria‘, as well as a cover of Wild Cherry’sPlay That Funky Music‘ which hit #63 on the Billboard singles charts and was in full rotation on both dance and rock stations simultaneously.

As with many bands from that era, facing the decline in interest for AOR rock due to the onslaught of the “grunge” scene, the guys in Roxanne went on hiatus. Now 30 years later the band returns with a new offering entitled ‘Radio Silence‘, which features 11 tracks of pure adrenalized classic rock influenced music and also features special guest appearances by guitar legend George Lynch, King’s X front-man dUg Pinnick and Korn drummer Ray Luzier.

Regarding the recording process, lead singer Jamie Brown comments, “We wanted to make a rock record that you’d want to crank in your car and drive fast with the windows down and I think we accomplished that!”. Drummer Dave Landry adds, “We are all very proud of this album and are ecstatic the way it turned out…the songs, the tones and the performances. Recorded on 2-inch analog, it sounds real, it is real, and truly represents the way our band sounds!

With influences that range from Queen to Bad Company to Thin Lizzy, ‘Radio Silence‘ is best described as a perfect blend of classic rock with a modern-day edge!

Produced by Rich Mouser and Jamie Brown and recorded, mixed & mastered at The Mousehouse Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Track listing:

  1. Someone To Kill
  2. Girls Alright
  3. Super Bad (ft: George Lynch)
  4. Thin Blue Line
  5. Broken Chandeliers
  6. Man In The Moon (ft: Ray Luzier & dUg Pinnick)
  7. Go Fuck Yourself (ft: George Lynch & dUg Pinnick)
  8. Without Us
  9. Quarter To Four
  10. I Don’t Want to Live This Way
  11. First Mistake

Line up:

Jamie Brown – Vocals, Guitar

John Butler – Guitar

Joe Infante – Bass

Dave Landry – Drums

Official Website


Classic 80’s rock veterans Vixen will release ‘Live Fire‘ via Rat Pak Records on July 6, 2018. Mixed by Michael Wagener, ‘Live Fire‘ features 12 live tracks and was recorded at Chicago’s legendary Arcada Theater during the group’s successful 2017 tour.  In addition to the classic Vixen songs, the effort also includes a newly recorded studio version of ‘You Ought to Know By Now‘, an all new studio acoustic version of their hit song ‘Edge of a Broken Heart‘ and a live version of a previously unreleased track called ‘Big Brother‘.

Regarding the track ‘You Ought to Know by Now‘, vocalist Janet Gardner says, “It gives you a taste of the classic Vixen days with a revitalized energy and passion!“…and bassist Share Ross adds, “This song is the ultimate connection between our history with Jan and our future!

Speaking of the live material drummer Roxy Petrucci comments, “It’s really cool to see so many old and new fans enjoying these classic songs as we perform them live, so it only made sense to release this live album!” Guitarist Britt Lightning adds, “This album really captures all the spontaneity and energy of the band’s live performance.

Vixen first burst onto the scene in the 80’s and achieved large scale commercial success with songs like ‘Edge of A Broken Heart‘, ‘Cryin‘ and ‘Love Made Me‘. The band has sold over a million albums, had six #1 videos on MTV, four songs on Billboard’s Top 100 and is the only platinum selling all female 80’s act. The band continues to write new music and tour with their eyes set firmly on the future!

VixenLive Fire‘ is available in various formats and bundle configurations including a ltd white vinyl pressing with an alternate track sequence and also an Ultimate Fan Bundle that includes a personal “Thank-you” phone call from Janet Gardner, exclusively available at

Track Listing:

  1. Rev It Up (Live)
  2. How Much Love (Live)
  3. One Night Alone (Live)
  4. Cryin’ (Live)
  5. Meet The Band (Live)
  6. Rock Me (Live)
  7. Streets In Paradise (Live)
  8. I Don’t Need No Doctor (Live)
  9. Love Is A Killer (Live)
  10. Love Made Me (Live)
  11. Big Brother (Live) *previously unreleased*
  12. Edge of A Broken Heart (Live)

Bonus Tracks:

  1. You Ought To Know By Now (New Studio Version)
  2. Edge of A Broken Heart (New Studio Acoustic Version)

Line up:

Janet Gardner (vocals)

Roxy Petrucci (drums)

Share Ross (bass)

Britt Lightning (guitars)

Official Website


Lynch Mob‘s new album ‘The Brotherhood‘ is now available for pre-order via Rat Pak Records.

Produced by Chris “The Wizard” Collier (Lynch Mob; Flotsam And Jetsam; Prong; KXM), ‘The Brotherhood‘ features eleven brand new hard rock tracks from Lynch Mob. This album will surely resonate with long time fans of the band, as well as those longing for that good ol’ hard rock sound and feel. ‘The Brotherhood‘ highlights the unique pairing of Oni Logan and George Lynch, and along with Sean McNabb (bass) and Jimmy D’Anda (drums), the band has created a solid offering from start to finish. From the heavy guitar riffs of the opening track ‘Main Offender‘ to the melodic album finale ‘Miles Away‘, Lynch Mob have once again proven they remain on top of their game and at the top of their genre!

On the subject of Lynch Mob’s new record, Oni Logan comments, “After doing quite a few miles together with this latest line-up of Sean McNabb and Jimmy D’Anda, we consider ourselves a pack of wolves, and we came up with the name ‘The Brotherhood‘ for the title of the next Lynch Mob album. It’s got more of an adventurous sound in part and maybe a darker, colder sound to it. We are always willing to go farther. We come from the early 90’s and it’s when we released the first Lynch Mob album which set a sound and course for us. Here we are 27 years later, George and I are still able to keep on stretching. As a player, as a writer, that is very important to us. Otherwise we would be fooling ourselves and fooling you”.

George Lynch adds, “We wrote this album as a band and the name of the record reflects what the band is about, and what all my bands have been about since I’ve been a kid. This is my second family. These are my brothers. You go through a lot together and have a lot of experiences together. And that then becomes a part of the music.

Official release date for “The Brotherhood” is Friday September 08, 2017.

Track listing:
01. Main Offender
02. Mr. Jekyll and Hyde
03. I’ll Take Miami
04. Last Call Lady
05. Where We Started
06. The Forgotten Maiden’s Pearl
07. Until the Sky Comes Down
08. Black Heart Days
09. Black Mountain
10. Dog Town Mystics
11. Miles Away
12. Until I Get My Gold (bonus track)

You can pre-order the album Here