Mike Ross is a man with many a string to his musical bow, as composer, performer and producer. His forthcoming new solo album ably demonstrates that range, virtuosity and attention to detail, and also explores the rich tapestry of Southern musical traditions and styles that Mike calls ‘The Clovis Limit  The Tennessee Transition’, It’s an album […]

  Though widely acclaimed as a fuzzmeister guitar wizard, Mike Ross is a man with many a string t his musical bow as performer and producer. This can be seen in his brand-new single and video, which heralds the release of his new album in May. Mike’s single ‘Shake ‘Em On Down’ is released  today -Friday 26th March. It hails from his latest solo album, ‘The Clovis Limit […]

It’s no wonder Classic Rock Magazine insists that “You need to know Mike Ross”. His outstanding work with long-haired southern rock badasses RHR (Redfern, Hutchinson & Ross) will be well known to many. What’s more, Ross’s current solo album release ’The Clovis Limit Pt.2’ has just been awarded an 8/10 review in the current issue and has earned huge praise from press and […]

Multi-talented guitarmeister Mike Ross and alt rocking Verity White have joined forces to release a Christmas single: a tongue-in-cheek, gender-swapped version of the now-controversial duet ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’, written by Frank Loesser in 1944, which the public first heard in the 1949 film ‘Neptune’s Daughter’. Whilst the famous lyrics don’t mention Christmas by name, the song’s wintery motif has made it a seasonal staple, covered by countless artists. However, since 2009, the song has perhaps come to be seen as less innocently romantic and more controversial, with undertones that smack of misogyny, manipulation and coercion! Aware of that controversy, Mike Ross and Verity White deliberately swapped roles in the song’s two-voice to and fro duet — the so-called ‘Wolf’ and ‘Mouse’ roles — to find a fresh take on the song. Mike Ross sings the ‘Mouse’ vocal and plays guitar, bass & piano; Verity White sings the […]

Mike Ross is a musician with many facets. Not only is he a Heavy Blues guitarmeister and a top-tier wizard of fuzz particularly in the limelight as one third of power trio supergroup RHR), he’s also a talented solo artist, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter AND producer. This killer combo of talents has culminated in Mike’s eagerly-awaited, critically-acclaimed album […]

To call Mike Ross a musician with a lot of strings to his bow is to massively underestimate this one-man outlaw archer band.  Not only is he a long haired, guitar-slinging badass, he’s also a talented multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter and producer. This killer combination of talents come to the fore once more with Mike’s fantastic third single from his […]

Musically-speaking, Mike Ross wears a helluva LOT of hats, as you’d expect from a multi-talented, pigeonhole-defying, fuzz-charged Heavy Blues guitarmeister and multi-instrumentalist. And let’s not forget that Mike is a vocalist AND producer as well! This man wears many hats, and juggles them with solid skill and strong showmanship. Mike’s eagerly-anticipated, forthcoming album ‘The Clovis Limit Pt.2‘ showcases his talents and creative flair, with gusto, variety and more. It’s an album that’s remarkably strong on multiple fronts: songwriting, classic rock vocals, and a showcase for Mike’s musicianship on multiple instruments. Two singles have already been released from the album: ‘The Loser’ then ‘None […]

Mike Ross — a man you can rely on to conjure up fuzz-charged Heavy Blues and powerful Rock, make his guitar soar and sing, and deliver smart-as-a-whip lyrics— will be releasing his new 10-track solo album ‘The Clovis Limit Pt. 2’ on Friday 30th October. The sophomore single release from Mike’s album is the ‘None of Your Business’, is released today – […]