New Wave of Traditional American Heavy Metal band Corners Of Sanctuary (COS) have announced the release of ‘Declaration of Metal‘, a comprehensive, retrospective compilation of the band’s music, comprised of tracks from their past five albums: ‘Breakout‘, ‘Harlequin‘, ‘Axe to Grind‘, ‘Metal Machine‘ and ‘Driven Snow‘. Additionally, cuts from their first EP, ‘Forgotten Hero‘, and […]

Heavy Doom metallers Exorcism featuring Raven Lord and Metal Machine‘s Csaba Zvekan (vocals) as well as featuring Holyhell, Reign Of Terror‘s Joe ‘Shredlord’ Stump (guitars) have been confirmed for three shows in Belgium and the Netherlands. The current dates shape up as follows: More info & tickets: Exorcism recently added Nic Angileri to their […]