The Finnish power quartet MegaSnake has released a new single ‘Don’t‘. The band’s line-up is singer Richard ”Tipe” Johnson (Leningrad Cowboys, Gringos Locos, Apocalyptica’s live line-up), Drummer Twist Twist Erkinharju (Peer Günt, Leningrad Cowboys, Los Bastardos Finlandeses), Guitar player Samuel Hjelt (Kings of Modesty, ex-Ancara) and bass player Henrik Tuura (Kings of Modesty, Killer Kachina). Listen to the single: Spotify Bandcamp Apple Music […]

Finnish power quartet MegaSnake has released their first single ‘Sun Don’t Shine‘. Just lately the band signed a record deal with Inverse Records and now the first single has seen the light of day. MegaSnake describes the song as “I”. Listen to ‘Sun Don’t Shine‘: Spotify: Bandcamp: Apple Music: Amazon: Deezer: Tidal: What’s in a name? A: Everything B: Nothing MegaSnake!?!?!?!?!? WTF!? Really!? […]