Jessica Wolff Releases New Single ‘Sleeping Beast’

The very busy young Finnish artist Jessica Wolff is back with a bang after her highly anticipated and very well received 2020 album ‘Para Dice’ (review here)! The new single ‘Sleeping Beast‘ was written by Jessica and renowned Swedish songwriter Christian Berglund, with whom she works together since her debut album ‘Renegade‘. In charge for mix and mastering was none other than Grammy Award nominated Danish producer and mix engineer Jacob Hansen, who is very well known for his work with Volbeat, Arch Enemy, Amaranthe, Pretty Maids, Evergrey, Katatonia and many more. ‘Sleeping Beast‘ saw the light of day last Friday March 31st. The song once again shows Jessica’s one-of-a-kind flair for combining beautiful melodies with catchy grooves!

But there’s much more coming from the Wolff camp. Jessica is playing the female main character in the movie Layers OF Lies, the first Finnish-Iranian action film. The world-wide awarded movie premiered at the Night Visions Filmfestival in Helsinki, also on Friday March 31st. For Jessica, realizing the movie, was a big dream coming true. She spent one month in Iran to work on the movie. In her opinion it was one of the most interesting and eye-opening experiences she ever had and she’s forever thankful that she was a part of this life changing experience. The icing on the cake was to work with director, producer and co-actor Ramin Sohrab. He’s been working on this project for years and made the impossible possible. There were many bumps on the roads, broken legs, running out of the budget, COVID and a lot of cultural differences to take into consideration, but finally the movie reached the finish line!


Jessica Wolff – Vocals
Ari Manninen – Guitar
Sebastian Lindqvist – Guitar
Taneli Tulkki – Bass
Miikka Wolff – Drums