Michael Alan Takes Instrumental Rock To New Dimensions On ‘Calling’

The Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 was an inspirational time for Michael Alan (born Michael Alan Kremastoules). A period that ignited the ambitions of writing and releasing material as a soloist. He called this his own personal ‘Calling’. The result of the isolation and flowing creativity soon produced an accumulation of instrumental songs that form his debut album.

Calling’ is a body of work that reflects Michael’s rich diversity in influences and playing styles such as blues, classic rock, heavy metal, AOR and progressive rock, etc. With a career spanning over 35 years, which includes a tenure as lead guitarist in 80’s NWOBHM outfit Ded RingerMichael Alan oozes maturity in his approach to both song writing and guitar playing.

The album was completed over a 2-year period with close friend and co-producer Dave Johnson of Spellsound Studios (UK). Almost 30 years on from their first collaboration together, Dave has been fundamental in helping shape Michael’s vision of an album that allows his guitar to speak through melodicism. An album that both sonically and musically, aims to stand out from the crowd of modern-day instrumental guitar acts.

Guest appearances also include Michael’s own live band members Dave Johnson (Keyboards/Rhythm Guitar), Bob Pears (Drums) and Lincoln J Roth (Bass). Adding the finishing touches to a number of tracks is the classically trained violinist, strings arranger and composer Nino Chikviladze.

The 12-track debut provides an insight into a mature performer striving to create memorable and timeless melodies. His guitar is his ‘voice’ and his music tries to express what words fail to say through sheer melody, tonality, dynamics and most of all …emotion. In Michael’s own words, instrumental music speaks a ‘universal language’.

Calling‘ is released March 17th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records.

01. Run

02. Butterfly

03. Brazilia

04. Thank You

05. Frog

06. In The Name Of

07. Calling

08. Alone Again

09. Road To Glory

10. Blue Skies

11. Thank You

12. Reflection

Michael Alan – Guitars

Dave Johnson – Rhythm Guitar/Keyboards

Lincoln J Roth – Bass

Bob Pears – Drums

Official Website



On Sliptrick

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