US Melodic Metal Band Severed Angel Release New Single ‘In The Red’ From Self Titled Debut Album

SEVERED ANGEL, the new Northeastern US melodic metal band has released their new single ‘In The Red‘ from their self titled debut album ‘Severed Angel‘.

Severed Angel keyboardist Marc Muchnik comments:

In The Red‘ is about a toxic relationship that I was in many years ago. Now, having been in a happy and loving marriage for a long time, this period of my life in time feels like a completely different existence. In unhealthy relationships the negativity that one person emits can invade the other person’s entire being. In my destructive relationship, I lost my sense of self and wanted so badly to help this person on every level. The relationship and breakup ultimately me left numb and bitter. I had to relearn to trust others, restore my faith in humanity and rebuild my ability to love again. I was thankfully able to overcome and rise above my pain, but many other less fortunate individuals could easily be ruined by a similar experience. The color “Red” in the song embodies anger and frustration. It exemplifies the dishonesty and the failed attempts to assist someone who has no desire to help oneself. The song conveys a deep sense of sadness as it focuses on the feelings of hopelessness when we are left at the point where trust is completely lost. This song is unique in our catalog in that most of our lyrics tend to be positive and uplifting. Nevertheless, it is intense, impactful, and relatable, and the subject matter is perfect for a metal tune!


Wayne Noon and Lou Mavs started releasing covers for the Rat Salad Review & Friends Cover Series. Wayne (drums – Project Resurrect) then united with Lou (guitars), George Dimitri (bass – Timeless Haunt), vocalist Alex Repetti (Infinite Spectrum), and keyboardist Marc Muchnik (The Nightmare Stage), and Severed Angel was born.


Alex Repetti – Vocals, Guitar (Infinite Spectrum / Tension Rising)
Lou Mavs – Guitar, Vocals
George Dimitri – Bass (Timeless Haunt)
Marc Muchnik – Keyboards (The Nightmare Stage)
Wayne Noon – Drums (Project Resurrect / Ex-Phoenix Reign)




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