Stonetrip Release New Album ‘Run Free’ On 10th March, Out On Golden Robot Records

Stonetrip’s debut self-titled EP was released via Golden Robot Records back in 2021 and showcased the bands impressive range. Straight up rock n’ roll bangers like opening track ‘Sideways‘, ‘Runaway‘ and ‘Wild Hearted‘ came to be live favourites for their sheer energy and power. ‘Nightmare‘ went deep, showing a more serious side, while ‘My Angel‘ delivered a classic acoustic-driven power ballad, complete with a soaring, heartfelt guitar solo.

The EP was just the beginning… Today, Stonetrip have announced they are set to deliver their debut full-length album on 10th March titled ‘Run Free’, an exciting mix of old and new tracks. The band worked with Australian producer and engineer Ricki Rae of Lighthill Sound Recording Studio to polish their new songs into a brilliant shine that will set the benchmark for Oz Rock in 2023!

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Following an overwhelming response to their debut live appearance in 2019, Stonetrip have established a dedicated local fanbase and a reputation for their high-octane, energetic live performances. Despite the difficult year that was 2020, these guys didn’t let this affect their quest to unleash their unique brand of rock ’n’ roll to the world.

Now, with their recent releases, the band have raised the stakes, finally showing rock lovers around the world what they’re made of.




Golden Robot Records/Stonetrip