The Answer’s Tour Gear Is Stolen In Birmingham

Last evening The Answer‘s gear (radio mics, luggage, Marshall TSL), guitars (Gibson Les Paul Tobacco burst, Yamaha Bas BB, pedal board) and tour van were stolen from the premier Inn outside the Birmingham NEC. The gear was on its way to Bristol for rehearsals for the forthcoming March & April tour. 

We would appreciate if all those bands in our small industry could share this post and if anyone is offered gear to buy especially in the West Midlands area, please contact 07802 498905. 

The van stolen is a Black Transit van, reg no’ WL11 EHW, if any one spots it please contact the number above.

The touring business for all bands is hard enough at the best of times so it rips the heart out of all the preparation and hard work that goes into putting a tour together when scumbag thieves do s**t like this. We remain undeterred, to all other bands, please stay vigilant.The Answer

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  1. Awful news, you nearly have to have an extra person just looking after transport and gear – but bands seem to be a real target nowadays, would be great if they got the stuff back, but it’s terrible timing with the Tour just around the corner

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