Nene Valley Rock Festival Announces Line-up & Event Details

Nene Valley Rock Festival has announced not only a stellar line-up, but also details of it’s crowd funding tickets.

Says the festival organisers: “Some festivals sell tickets first then find they can’t make it work! Our approach is different – we are first doing all we can to ensure enough people are ready to commit to the festival. To do this, we are using the ‘Crowdfunder’ platform for you to book your tickets, rather than a traditional ticket merchant.

From your perspective it’s just the same, except it gives you added security. We have all heard of or been affected by events getting cancelled recently, so we know some people are wary of committing too soon in case they lose their money. Equally, we can’t plan the festival and commit to booking everything we need to run it if we don’t know people will come. So we thought about how to square the circle….

Using the Crowdfunder platform helps us both. When you book a ticket your payment is held by Crowdfunder, not us. They call it pledging but actually it’s effectively the same for you as buying a ticket but with an added safety net!

“When we reach 400 4-day ticket sales (these are also offered at the early-bird discounted price), we will have enough to be confident the festival can go ahead. Crowdfunder then sends your ticket money to us and we send you your ticket(s). If we don’t reach 400 by 13th March then your money is automatically refunded to you by Crowdfunder – you don’t have to ask for it and you get 100% of it back.

So there’s no need to wait. And remember our price promise – we will never offer these tickets for less, later! Remember, you only have until 13th March! The target must be reached by that date or the festival will not happen so if you want NVRF to happen, tell your friends!

There are a maximum of just 1,000 4-day tickets available so don’t wait too long! Day tickets will only be made available if the 4-day tickets don’t sell out. Once the crowd-funder target is reached, remaining tickets will be available from our own ticketing platform. You will also then be able to book camping (tents, motorhomes, caravans, hook-ups etc) but we will only offer that once the target is reached and the festival can proceed. Don’t worry – we have a very large camp site – it won’t fill up!

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