Review: Trishula – We All Fall Down

Review: Trishula – We All Fall Down

Independant (October 1st, 2022)

Reviewer: Chris O’Connor

After a very long wait, the ever-talented guitarist Neil Fraser (ex-Ten/Rage Of Angels) returns with the third album from his very splendid band Trishula, and rewards our patience with the rather fabulous album ‘We All Fall Down’. As with the last album, the band’s line-up remains; vocalist Jason Morgan, keyboardist Rick Benton, bass guitarist Dan Clark, and drummer Neil Ogden, and between them, the quintet have delivered the goods with consummate ease – the album is (to quote the bard) something of a ‘blinder’!

If you have followed the band through their ‘Scared To Breathe’ and ‘Time Waits For No Man’ albums, you will already know to expect nothing but quality Melodic Hard Rock from the gentlemen, and true to form, the final product is everything good about the genre. Neil plays his guitar with a mixture of musical muscle and melodically restrained passion – you could describe his style as being elegant. Jason meanwhile, has a rich and throaty voice, it’s hard to say who he reminds me of – but his delivery is endlessly flawless, he really has been a huge find for the band.

Rick Benton’s keyboards add beautiful depth and colour to proceedings, always adding to the music but never overpowering it – it’s a lovely balance because of this. The rhythm section of Messrs Clark and Ogden play their part to perfection, laying down the backbeat with effortless yet subtle power, this truly is a band totally in sync with each other, how they aren’t huge already is a genuine mystery, because they truly deserve to be.

My immediate favourite track is the entirely brilliant ‘Why Should I Apologise?’, which has beautiful layered harmony vocals – and I am instantly reminded of classic Electric Light Orchestra, which is never a bad thing. The song has a real groove to it, and features a chorus to die for, while Rick Benton’s keyboards are an absolute joy to experience! I love this. ‘Caught In The Middle’ reminds me of Enuff ‘Z’ Nuff at their most grandiose – it’s a slow and powerful song, again with an absolutely huge chorus, and a dazzling solo from Neil Fraser, it’s a wonderfully dramatic song.

One surprise is ‘Nice And Dirty’- which irresistibly reminds me of Biloxi at their ‘Let The Games Begin’ finest – maybe it’s the late great Clyde Holly that Jason Morgan reminds me of? ‘Two Umbrellas’ again brings both Enuff ‘Z’ Nuff and Electric Light Orchestra to mind, it’s a beautifully understated number, almost entirely keyboard led, with luscious vocal harmonies, and has instant ‘Wow factor’.

It Doesn’t Matter’ is another classy number that features a gloriously impassioned vocal, some gorgeously delicate lead guitar work, and dreamy vocal harmonies – in another place and time, this would have been a sure-fire monster hit! ‘Don’t Walk Away’ is the best thing Robby Valentine never wrote … but surely wishes he had. It’s an up-tempo rocker with a killer chorus, guitar work to die for, lavish keyboards, and yet more brilliant vocal harmonies! Very simply it is genuinely marvellous!

It’s no exaggeration to say that this twelve-song album is ‘all killer and no filler’, it’s beautifully written and arranged, played with magnificent dexterity, and finally is lusciously produced, what is not to love? Trishula deserve to be major label superstars, and the fact they are putting this album out independently is a colossal credit to them. ‘We All Fall Down’ instantly vaults into my top five albums of 2022! Do yourselves a colossal favour … just buy it! You will not regret it for a second, this is brilliant stuff!