Massive And Stonedead Festival Help Kayla’s Fight

Stonedead Festival and Australian hard rockers Massive are collaborating to raise money for a special cause.

Hey, this is Brad from the Aussie rock band Massive. I’ll cut straight to the chase. At the start of our UK tour we met a 4 year old girl by the name of Kayla. She is battling stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma. She needs an eye watering amount of money in a very short amount of time for a potentially life saving clinical trial.

We met her in Norwich and decided to help by taking a tip jar out to our crowd. After speaking with the family we realised how much help they needed. So we have taken the donation buckets with us on the road for each of our shows. If you are attending any of our upcoming UK tour dates and you are able, please throw some change as we walk around our gigs.

Then the mighty Chris Sumby of Stonedead festival pitched in with 6 tickets to the already sold out Stonedead Festival with 100% of those tickets being donated to Kayla’s fight. The tickets come with the Friday night pass included, they are worth £60 we are asking you to pay anything over £60 for them as the festival is already sold out and it’s for charity.Click the button below for tickets

Stonedead Tickets for Kayla’s fight: click here

Donate directly to Kayla’s appeal: here