David Liouncourt To Release New Single ‘American Scream”

Joshua Feathers, aka David Lioncourt, is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from California’s  Central Valley. He’s most known for his role as the creative director and songwriter for Lioncourt, a Hard Rock act inspired by Victorian-Gothic aesthetic and supernatural themes.  Throughout the his tenure with Lioncourt the band has amassed close to a half-million streams from a series of self-produced singles released over three years.  Now, he’s back and taking on a new solo single, ‘American Scream‘ out May 13th.

Pulling inspiration from Hard Rocks illustrious past, David Lioncourt sings with power and grit while the riffs are heavy and rude! He sings about the inner turmoil that we all hold onto and rarely speak about along with tales of woe from both the principle character and the protagonist.

American Scream‘, a song that was written during the height of the pandemic and influenced by the sights and sounds of a time none of us will soon forget.

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